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Etsy Find of the Month October 2017

I like shopping on Amazon and Play-Asia as much as the next person…but there’s something to be said about the beauty of a handmade item. It is something to cherish, knowing that someone took the time to make it by hand for you to have a unique material. This is why we have decided to feature an Etsy item (Nintendo related, of course) each month.

Blue Robotto is an incredible company that I have followed for some time. Their handmade accessories and cases are well made and durable. I was browsing through their shop when one particular item caught my eye…and I had to review it.

Hero Tunic – Nintendo Switch Case

Anyone that knows me knows that I am an avid Zelda adorer. Breath of the Wild has kept me engaged for months now and I can only look forward to more DLC as they are released. I had spent time on Amazon looking for nice Zelda themed accessories, but none of the cases really caught my eye. So I turned to Etsy, and I was not disappointed. The craftsmanship on this case is spectacular, and you can tell that it is made with love. Had I not all ready known that each of their items were hand made, I would think that they were made by machine in a factory; that’s how incredible these cases are.
At $22.00 USD, this is definitely an affordable and competitively priced case. The materials used (Synthetic Leather and Protective Foam) give it a sturdy and lasting feel. And it feels much more comfortable than the current available cases that you can find on Amazon or at your local Walmart. No, this is one to set you apart. 
The case boasts an extra component (or pocket) to add an extra layer of protection to your Nintendo Switch Screen, which is definitely nice as I would probably throw a fit if I got a scratch on mine. The design is embroidered which adds to the quality of the case. With custom items such as these, screen printing just sometimes feels…cheap. The embroidery adds a nice aesthetic to the case, as well as the addition of the cute belt (I need to get a mini Master Sword to tuck in to it. 
To secure the case, they have added two magnetic clasps. This is nice, as snaps can sometimes tug at the material and ruin it over time. The magnetic clasps offer a layer of protection but also make it easy to open without the risk of ruining the material. On the front of the screen protector pocket there is space to store 5 games; can’t just have one to choose from while you’re out and about.
What gives this case an extra layer of love is that each item is handmade and made to order in Guatemala. You order and they get to work on making you a solid, beautifully made case. As such, shipping can sometimes take 2 week to 1 month…but seriously…it’s worth the wait.
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