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[Interview] Abdallah Smash

A few years ago I was playing Yokai Watch and found myself stuck at how to beat one of the Yokai Boss’s. I tried over and over to no avail, so I turned to youtube to help me in my time of need. This is where I ran across Abdallah Smash and forever became a fangirl. I’m not the only one, though. My kids have watched him for years; my toddler boys watched because they loved watching him play Yokai Watch and my 9 year old daughter played to get tips for the game.
Recently, I was able to get in touch with Abdallah and fall to my knees begging for an interview (not really, I just politely asked). Much to my surprise, he said yes! This was a real treat for me, to be able to interview someone that I have watched on youtube for years. So without further ado, enjoy our chatter!
Mer: I’ve been watching your video’s for some time now. So have my kids. We’ve really come to love your whole channel.
Abdallah: Thank you! And tell your kids thank you as well!
Mer: Absolutely will do! So, as I watched your video’s I wanted to know…what got you started making youtube video’s and walkthrough’s?
Abdallah: That’s a really good question. 6 or 7 years ago I was very in to watching Pokemon video’s and competitive stuff. After watching them for a while, I figured, “Hey, I’m pretty good at video games. Maybe I could make video’s too!”. I wanted to emulate them while adding my own style to the video’s. Ultimately, I wanted to be the people I was watching…if that makes sense.
Mer: Oh that makes perfect sense! And that’s really cool. I’ve always admired your ability to make these video’s. It’s a really neat thing to do for a living.
Now, I saw on your youtube channel that you are a Nintendo Brand Ambassador, how did you fall in to this role?
Abdallah: It’s interesting, actually. It happened in 2014. Nintendo reached out to me to help promote their game Phoenix Wright vs Professor Layton. It was a collaboration game that finally came to the US after being released in Japan for 2 years. It was really fun. Ever since then, I’ve been on their press list. I’m one of a handful of people that get to review the games that they need help promoting.
Mer: Oh wow, that’s a dream job right there!
What drew you to Nintendo over other Consoles?
Abdallah: Pretty much I grew up with playing Nintendo games on NES and SNES. Playstation and Xbox weren’t a big thing growing up. It was Nintendo or nothing. I just love all the characters, and I guess I just never stopped loving Nintendo.
Mer: I feel the same. I was born in ’86 and remember the NES and SNES being my first game systems. I never developed much interest in other console’s.
What, would you say, is your favorite Nintendo Switch title that has been released so far?
Abdallah: So far? That’s a hard one. Definitely Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’ve played over 200 hours in that game all ready. I have the full video’s on the Lets Play on my channel. I’ve done complete walk through’s and completed every Shrine.
Mer: I freaking love that game. I still play it off and on.
What are you anticipating in terms of game releases with the Nintendo Switch?
Abdallah: There’s just so many good games coming out. I really want to play the new Pokemon game they keep teasing us about. Fire Emblem 2018 for sure. And, of course, any other Yokai for the Switch.
Mer: Oh yes. Level 5 has said they are working on a Yokai Watch for the Nintendo Switch. I guess we will see when we actually see it since the US is so far behind in Yokai releases.
Speaking of Yokai Watch, what do you think will be different about Yokai Watch on the Switch than the 3DS?
Abdallah: I don’t know if it’s going to be the same kind of game that we have expected. If they are going to continue on with their Japanese releases (busters, busters 2, Yokai Watch 3, etc). Another type of world where we run around collecting Yokai, maybe? Maybe some online compatibility. Level 5 is known for taking advantage of what a system can fully do, so online compatibility would make a lot of sense.
Mer: For sure. What about the battle system? In the 3DS versions we found ourselves tapping coins and swirling spirals to be able to use our Soultimate moves. Do you think they will have something similar or completely abandon that since the Switch got rid of the dual screens?
Abdallah: That’s a great question, I hadn’t even thought about the battle system. They will definitely have to figure out how to best utilize the screen space available.
Mer: It’ll definitely be interesting to see how it turns out.
What do you hope to do in the future in terms of your Video Game career?
Abdallah: I just want to continue to grow. That’s what I started out wanting when I played MarioKart 7 on 3ds and it’s what I continue to want to do. It’s been a year since I made this my full time career. I was in retail management for 12 years and was able to turn this in to my full time career.
Mer: Congratulations! You’re definitely one who can show us that dreams can come true with enough work!
Well, what kind of advice would you have for people wanting to start Youtubing or like The Switch Effect which is still a new blog?
Abdallah: Know your competition. Knowing your competition is one of your biggest assets. Know what everyone else is doing and find a way to differentiate yourself. Put a personalized spin on what you are doing to set yourself apart. You can do the same thing as your competitor, which is cool, but why would anyone come see you if your type of content all ready exists?
Mer: That’s a fair point and really good advice. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today!
Abdallah: No problem!
Well, this Youtuber definitely made my day and hugged the fangirl inside of me. It was a pleasure interviewing, and just so you all know, he’s a really nice guy. Was patient enough with some phone troubles we were having!
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