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[Announcement] 7levels Studio announces Castle of Heart

Castle of Heart Nintendo Switch

Castle of Heart – an exclusive Nintendo Switch action platformer will be debuting Q1 of 2018!

Warm up your thumbs, gamers, an exciting action platformer from 7levels studio will soon become
available on the Switch! Castle of Heart will launch exclusively on Nintendo’s platform in Q1 2018!
Cracow, Poland.
Become a knight turned into stone. Keep moving and fighting your enemies to avoid getting
disintegrated. Find your own combat style with loads of short- and long-range weapons and make
good use of clever power-ups to gain an advantage over your opponents. And, most importantly,
prove that under that skin of stone beats the heart of a true hero!

Castle of Heart is a classic action platformer at the genre’s best and most challenging, with plentiful
of new twists on the formula to experience. Players take control of a cursed knight who has been
turned to stone by an evil sorcerer’s spell, but who is ready to prove that love and courage can
conquer even the darkest magic.

Your brave hero must travel all the way from their petrified village to the dark ruler’s castle,
mastering 20 levels set in 4 distinct environments. Each is full of enemies that require different
strategies to be beaten successfully and includes sudden gameplay changes. All this translates into
exciting, dynamic action sequences. The selection of progressively more powerful weapons, from the
humble sword to a powerful magical arsenal, as well as power-ups, will aid your hero in their quest.
But remember: a body of stone has its limits! It disintegrates permanently as the knight loses energy,
which can only be supplied by defeating enemies. If you let it reach a critical level, your hero may
lose an arm and the ability to wield weapons with it.

Castle of Heart Nintendo Switch

Castle of Heart offers beautiful and detailed 3D graphics with changing landscapes, weather
conditions, and rich backgrounds. The game’s aesthetics and bestiary are equal parts inspired by
Slavic mythology (with some locations straight from famous, mystical locations in Poland, the
developers’ home country) and the dark fantasy atmosphere of the best action platformer titles from
the golden age of the genre. All of this makes Castle of Heart a perfect mix of classic influences and
modern approaches, utilizing the spectrum of the Switch’s features, which will enchant both fans of
the genre and newcomers.

Castle of Heart Nintendo Switch


  •  A unique main character: a knight turned into stone who needs to keep fighting to avoid
  • 20 completely different levels in 4 beautiful environments loosely inspired by real-life
  • Roughly 50 types of both short- and long-range weapons, allowing each gamer to find their
    own, individual combat style
  • HD Rumble support, further increasing players’ immersion
  • At least 7 hours of addictive, exciting gameplay
  • Epic boss fights at the end of every location
  • Breathtaking graphic design
  • Numerous power-ups that enrich the gameplay

Castle of Heart will launch exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in Q1 2018.

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