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Nintendo E3 2021 Direct Reactions

By now you must have at least heard the few bombshells Nintendo packed into this 40 minute video. if you haven’t (really?), go take an hour off and click here, and don’t forget to come back!

I managed to catch this live with another fellow veteran writer of the site, Nicholas Dunai. Below were our real-time reactions as the presentation churned out reveal after reveal, edited for clarity of course. Quick warning for spoilers and off we go!

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate – Kazuya Reveal (Tekken)

The Direct started off with a Smash character reveal. Thinking back on it, the video gave a very Smash Brothers feel. Problem was for myself, which character? Didn’t have to wait too long:

As always, Smash reveals come with kickass art, and this one’s no exception

Nic – KAZUYYYYAAAAAAA. And Devil. Holy-moly. Liking that Smash is a fighting game crossover now.

Kit – Not the crossover I expected for sure, but then again I feel that way for a lot of Smash entries.

Life Is Strange Remastered/True Colors

With haunting music and hand-drawn art, people were generally puzzled by which game this could be. And not long after, they were wondering if this was some spin-off title due to the art used. Then the titles came along and everything’s steady once more. Stoked!

Nic – Been wanting to try this series, maybe I have a reason now.

Kit – I loved the first game, so I can’t wait to give the remaster and True Colors a go on the go!

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy: Cloud Version

Typical corporate behavior means that during the Direct, this game wasn’t revealed as a Cloud-Only version. I get why you might want to keep that info away for as long as possible, seeing people’s reaction to streaming only games, but I feel that the real issue is that they’re going to charge a full 60-80 dollars on a game we don’t own, nor do we have the liberties of downloading it onto a SD-card to retain. There’s a whole lot to discuss on Cloud games, but this isn’t the time nor place for it. Perhaps I could write up my thoughts on it in the future?

Nic – Surprised this isn’t streaming only.

Kit – I didn’t see the Square Enix presentation, so this was a surprise for real. Bootleg Guardians, here we come.

Worms Rumble

So Worms is now an arena based 2d squad shooter? That’s a whole load or words there. Hope I didn’t open up a can of worms with that description.

Kit – Is that real-time Worms? Interesting…

Astria Ascending

To add on to my initial reaction, it also reminds me of Indivisible somewhat. There’s also an intriguing premise where after 3 years your characters (re: demigods) all get wiped out… Not sure what happens after, but still interesting.

Kit – This reminds me of Valkyrie Profile.

Two Point Campus

(Wacky) University simulator. If that sounds like fun, then this is your game.

Kit – I need to play Two Point Hospital first. Still interested though.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

It’s back! Time to roll around like a hamster and drop off into oblivion.

Nic – Loved the original Monkey Ball games. Glad to see them remade.

Kit – As was leaked. Still, it’s nice to see a new entry in this series.

Mario Party Superstars

Do you like ending friendships? Don’t have Monopoly handy? This will suffice, guaranteed since 1999.

Nic – Only five boards sucks, but it’s better than what Top 100 did.

Kit – I’m getting some traumas from games past…

Metroid 5 – DREAD

This was the big one. The game that in many people’s eyes turned Nintendo’s presentation from alright to OHMYFRICKINGOD levels. It looks proper fine 5too, just look at Samus’ new suit.

For those like me who’ve forgotten the whole Metroid 2D sequel rumours and all, Nicholas had this to say:

Dread was teased after Fusion and IGN even said it was a thing with Sakamoto confirming it. Then was teased in Prime 3.

Nic (TSE)

To which I responded with an ‘intellectual’, “Oooooo…”

Nic – Yoooooo.  Reminds me of YOOOO DREAD

Kit – Whaaaaaaaaaaat??? Waitaminute… wasn’t Dread the name of something? Can’t believe we get a new Metroid in… October no less!

Just Dance 2022

Guess who’s back? Back again. Just Dance’s back. Don’t tell a friend.

Nic – Nope

Kit – Just… stop. With the subscription model anyway. Might be slightly interested otherwise.

Cruis’n Blast

I don’t know too much of this particular franchise, apart from the fact it’s Nintendo’s answer to colourful arcade-y racing games that isn’t named Mario Kart. I had the chance to try it in the arcades once (before the whole world shuttered up) and its adrenaline pumping races were quite a treat. Here’s hoping it makes the conversion to the Switch painlessly. What it needs is a little bit of energon, and a lot of luck.

Kit – Sweeeeet. We get a revisit into this old franchise. Looking forward to this.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

I know it’s out on other systems for a long time now. Doesn’t mean I won’t get it on this, especially since I haven’t been playing on other systems since Bloodborne.

Do I have to give up my Anime card if I admit that I’ve not watched (or read) any Dragonball stuff? All I know (pardon me if I’m wrong) is the original Dragonball was a fun shonen adventure romp, before they made it a battle over power levels starting from Dragonball Z, presumably. Still, a chance to catch up with Goku’s story is here so… why not?

Nic – Gonna sell my PS4 copy for this

Kit –  Always heard so much good stuff about this. Glad it finally landed.

Mario Golf Super Rush

People tend to forget that these presentations in the end are a bunch of adverts compiled into a single video. So I do understand that Nintendo has to flog their Summer’s bests. To be fair, it does look good. Just wish they had a separate video for games already announced loads so this space can be left for other titles.

Nic – Gonna buy it.

Kit – Didn’t need this segment. Was always going to get it.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Same sentiment as Mario Golf: looks good, wish it was in a separate video.

Nic – Loved the first one.  Hope I can find the amiibos.

Kit – Still need to play the first. Got this preordered nevertheless.

WarioWare: Get It Together!

After his last stint on the WiiU and 3DS, Wario’s back! The games look as zany as ever.

Nic – YES.

Kit – WOOOOOOOOOO! New entry! Also 2 player multiplayer!

Shin Megami Tensei 5

You know what I said for Mario Golf and Monster Hunter Stories 2? Well, what can I say? Humans are curiously hypocritical wouldn’t you say? Was really excited to see more of this game, and the combat screen looks sweet.

Nic – Glad we finally have a new console SMT.

Kit – Heck yes! More shots. It looks so darn gorgeous.

Danganronpa Decadence

I have been told over and over that this series would be up my alley. A cursory look over reviews and store pages also tell me that I would love the games. However for some reason I’ve not bought any of them. Not even on my Vita, which is basically a Persona 4 Golden emulator. So this particular announcement was quite a blast to finally hear.

Kit –  Finally! My patience paid off! Can’t wait to grab this.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

One less reason to switch my WiiU on, one more reason to cry myself to sleep on my Switch. Speaking of crying, I almost cried when I saw this. The Switch need more pedigree horror, though that’s not to say that the new indie titles aren’t good. Just that I miss the old PS2 era of Japanese horror titles.

Kit– YES! Sad to see the WiiU’s relevance go further down, but dang so excited for this.

Doom Eternal Ancient Gods Part One

Nintendooooooomed! Okay got that joke out the way, we have more DLC for those of you who’ve finished the campaign for Doom Eternal.

Kit – More doom isn’t bad. Need to finish the base game first though.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2

I had fun memories with Tony Hawk on my Game Boy Advance. Really wouldn’t mind to see the game in full 3D.

I also remember when it was first announced and as usual, the Switch was left out of the party. Long for much longer at least.

Kit – Well finally. Definitely getting this one.

Strange Brigade

Seeing this reminded me of Lost Reavers, a WiiU free-2-play exclusive co-op shooter game that got canned in May 2019. Lost Reavers was fun, if slightly mindless, and the biggest gripe I had about it was it odd and obscure way of going online and finding rooms or people to play with. Strange Brigade looks to be in that similar vein, albeit with more shooty shooty stuffs and puzzles that go beyond ‘press and hold button’. I might dive into it on a sale.

Kit – This looks like that WiiU co-op multiplayer exclusive game. Interesting, if I can find people to play with.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

It looks like they’re having battles take place in a different arena compared to where you’re exploring, if that makes sense. While I do like how the original pits you and your foes in the places you explore in, it can sometimes be quite daunting when you can see the battlefield where you’ll get your butt handed back to you.

Kit – Yaaaasss! Love the original, so very much looking forward to this.

Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp

I have no words. Only tears. I have long accepted that Nintendo has long abandoned this series, so this… this… I love the series (Gamecube spinoffs I can take or leave them), so to have the first two back. And with such fluid character animations… No words.


Kit – I said this will never happen. Even had it on my “Squares of Despair”. I’m just crying right now… The music… THE MUSIC!!!!

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – Expansion Pass Wave 1

The expansion pass does genuinely have some interesting pieces, like the fact you can play as a Guardian, Link having nunchucks as a new weapon choice, and Zelda has the Master Bike for hers. However this coming straight from Advance Wars meant that my mental state wasn’t in the right place to appreciate this announcement.

Kit – No, no, please go back. I want more Advance Wars content.

Legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword HD

Stealth sections aside, I enjoyed my time with this game. Here’s a chance to get back into it again. The bosses were quite fun with the sword slashing mechanics. Again, this came after Advance Wars, so I couldn’t appreciate anything that came out from this announcement.

Couldn’t find the E3 2021 video for some reason. Have the announcement trailer instead.

Kit – Yes yes, I’ll get this. Can we go back to Advance Wars please?

Zelda Game And Watch

It’s a neat toy. Also the games appeal more to me than those in the Mario Game and Watch, so it’s definitely on my radar. The fact we probably won’t get a Zelda 35th Anniversary Collection is a bit of a bitter pill to swallow however (referring to what Eiji Aonuma said when he revealed this).

Nic – I’m definitely buying this.

Kit – Got the Mario one. This looks awesome also. Plus 3 games, how can I resist!

Legend of Zelda – Breath Of The Wild 2

Another major announcement for a lot of viewers, the trailer shows new footage and basically we see why Nintendo’s been flogging Skyward Sword all this time. Where we droppin’ bois?

Kit – Bwahahaha! Skyward swording it much? Looks great, super stoked to play it when it eventually comes out.


Nic – No Zelda 35th Collection is disappointing.  Definitely the best show this E3.

Kit – The only presentation I watched live and followed this E3. Quite a number of lovely surprises, one leak… quality showing. Love it.


Nic Metroid Dread finally becoming a reality

Kit Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp. No questions. I have always wanted to see Nintendo do more with this franchise. It’s a remake, yes, but I’ll take what I can get with dormant IPs. Also, the music. THE MUSIC!

What did you think of Nintendo’s E3 2021 showing?
Did it hit the right spots? Or did it leave you wanting?

Drop a comment with some of your favourite moments!

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