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[Review] Super One More Jump – Nintendo Switch

Super One More Jump
Nintendo Switch

Developed By : SMG Studio / Premo Games
Published By : SMG Studio
Category : Arcade , Platformer
Release Date : Jan 25, 2018

When a game comes out as a “one-button platformer”, I always find myself a bit skeptical. An entire game, limited to the use of a single button? How can it be done? Can it be any good? Most games I’ve come across like this haven’t been much to speak about.  So, when I fired up Super One More Jump and got hooked in an instant, to say I was surprised would be a big understatement. With over a hundred levels that will test your timing and muscle memory, you’ll be tasked to the point that you’ll forget that you’re only using a single button to play this game.

How does it work with just one button? Timing and reflex, and an auto-running character. Each level will start with your character standing in place on a platform. Any button you press will start him moving, and after that any button will make you jump. Simply time your jumps (ha….simply) from place to place until you reach the end of the level. You’ll glide across white platforms, avoiding orange surfaced areas that will bring insta-death, and navigate through switches that open alternate routes, purple blobs that will put your timing really to the test, super bounce pads and poles that will change the direction you’re moving in. Rinse and repeat until you either beat everything or you…y’know, go insane.

For the perfectionists who want even more of a challenge, each level has three diamonds floating around that you can pick up. Purely optional, but it massively increases the difficulty of the game. I personally had a hard time just beating certain levels, nevermind trying to grab even a single diamond. Some levels you just have to move in one direction, while others will have you zig-zagging back and forth hitting switches to open the correct path before you finally make it to the end.

The other really cool thing with this game is your character avatar is completely customizable. SMG brought on their top ten favorite pixel artists to contribute visual work to the game, allowing you to spice up your own character before sending him to his repeated death. You’ll also be forced to face your failures if you continue to die on a level, since the game leaves behind a ghostly image of where you met your end.

Super One More Jump gives you just as much as you want to take from it. It can provide hours and hours of challenging fun, or race against the clock with your nerd rage. Or if you don’t want to descend into madness on your own, grab up to three buddies and make them hate you while you co-op your way through the levels. Test how long you can survive in Endless Mode, a game mode that progressively loads a continuous challenge for you to survive as best you can, racking up the highest score possible. No matter what you decide to do with this game, you’ll enjoy every moment of it. So go snag a copy, because Super One More Jump was released today in the Nintendo eShop!

Playability : With only the use of a single button, this game is easily playable and great in whichever mode you decide to play in.


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By HG Mike

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