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[Review] Bleed 2 – Nintendo Switch

By HG Mike Mar30,2018


Developed By : BootDisk Revolution
Published By : Digerati
Category : Action, Adventure, Fighting, Platformer
Release Date : Mar 08, 2018

Bleed 2 for the Nintendo Switch…when the world is being invaded by villains, civilization relies on heroes to rise up and save the day. Except…what happens when there’s only one hero? That’s the position that Wryn finds herself in, world’s greatest and only hero has to stand up against a wide cast of baddies who are attacking. Will she be enough?

Luckily, as the world’s greatest hero, Wryn has a few tricks up her sleeve. She can triple jump, and guide her jumps as well, assisting in dodging all sorts of bullets and things that will be thrown her way. An endlessly bullet-spitting gun can take her foes down, and her trust katana can deflect most energy shots back at their targets. Wryn can also slow time down a little bit to aid herself in all of the things above.

Bleed 2 for Nintendo Switch

Bleed 2 spans out over seven different levels, with over two dozen boss fights along the way. You’ll deal with “normal” bad guys along the way, but the real highlight and focus of each level is these bosses. The regular guys are fairly easy to tick away, especially with the fact that your bullets can fire non-stop. Some will be a bit bigger and can launch missiles and energy weapons, which can all be shot down or deflected back. You get some assistance too, because anything that can be deflected will be highlighted in pink.

The boss fights though, they can definitely step up the challenge. These guys (and gals) will take some strategy and dedication. Their health bars can stretch the full length of the screen, and each one is vastly different from the last so you’ll need to learn a whole new method with each fight. Don’t worry though, it may sound tough but it is a lot of fun.

Bleed 2 for Nintendo Switch

In my opinion, Bleed 2‘s only downfall is how fast the game is over. It feels even faster because of how intense the entire game is. Non-stop action from the get go. But, at the same time, the gameplay is so great that before the first playthrough is even finished you’ll be itching for the next. The levels are so colorful and smooth with a sweet soundtrack to boot. If you’ve played or seen anything to do with Cuphead you will absolutely love this game. It feels like a condensed version of the game with the constant roll of boss fights. Literally nothing about this game looks or feels bad, so don’t hesitate to grab a copy of yourself.


Handheld – Great
Joy Cons (separate) – Great
Joy Cons (controller) – Great
Pro Controller – N/A
Docked – Great

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By HG Mike

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