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[Review] Johnny Turbo’s Arcade : Bad Dudes – Nintendo Switch

Johnny Turbo’s Arcade : Bad Dudes
Nintendo Switch

Developed By : Flying Tiger Entertainment, Inc.
Published By : FTE Games
Category : Arcade, Fighting, Beat-em-Up
Release Date : Apr 05, 2018

We all know it, we all loved it. THIS is the game that kicks everything into gear by asking if you’re a bad enough dude to save the president. Well…are you? Bad Dudes is back, revived from it’s NES days (and arcade) and it’s plopped right into your lap on the Nintendo Switch. If you have never been blessed with an opportunity to play this game before, the story is simple. The President (Ronnie) has been kidnapped by ninjas. In order to save him, you need to be a bad enough dude to take down the ninjas.

Bad Dudes for Nintendo Switch

Bad Dudes is a side-scrolling beat-em-up game where you’ll crawl in one direction on the screen. Various enemy types will fly in at you from every angle, and I mean that quite literally. You’ll have nothing one moment, then a whole gang of ninjas knocking down your door. You control one of the games two characters, Blade or Striker, who can utilize two main moves. Punching, and jumping. However, both buttons can be pressed at the same time to send out some kicks, and depending on your movement of the joystick (or the D-Pad style buttons if you so choose), you can bring in some pretty sweet moves that are a little bit stronger than your basic punch.

The game is comprised of seven stages, starting you off in the streets of New York City, on to a moving truck, a train, even through a cave, all before you make it to the President and save him. Now, this game is tough. Anybody who ever played this in cabinet or NES form knows how hard this game can be. However, picking up the JTA version will give you a bit of an advantage. For one, the game allows you to create save points that you can return to if you are getting stuck in an area. What I love most about this version however, is the ability to insert “coins”. So if you’re the type of gamer (cough me cough) that isn’t so good at this kind of game, unload a bunch of imaginary coins and have at it.

Bad Dudes for Nintendo Switch

Bad Dudes for the Nintendo Switch is easily a must-play title. This game goes way back, and seeing it come home once again is really incredible. It’s tough, and it’s corny, but that’s what it’s always been known for. And it’s what makes this game so amazing. Even moreso, with it’s price tag in the eShop, you’d be paying the same exact price that you would for a loose NES cartridge of the same game. For those that don’t have access to an NES, this is an excellent opportunity to grab for yourself a title that you won’t want to miss out on. Punch and kick your way through the ninjas, and get to the eShop so you can save the President. Unless you’re not bad enough.


While Bad Dudes supports all play types, if you want the truest, most authentic NES feeling, I highly suggest splitting the joy-cons and rocking one sideways. Other than that, pick the style that you enjoy best and go save that President!


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By HG Mike

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