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[Review] Sky Rogue – Nintendo Switch

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Sky Rogue

Reviewed by Kieran

Developer: Fractal Phase
Publisher: Fractal Phase
Category: Rogue like, Flight Simulator, Arcade
Release Date: 04.26.2018

Sometimes a game comes along that really takes you by surprise, offering just enough familiarity to make you feel comfortable.

Before bringing you crashing down to earth with something completely out of the left field.

Is that not why we play video games?

What’s that, you wan’t to unwind?

About that.

Got to love rogue likes, Am I right?!

When Star Fox Zero launched back on the Wii U, it had many of us, certainly myself, dreaming of hours of fun blowing stuff up on a Nintendo console. Unfortunately, due to its horribly convoluted control system, it simply wasn’t fun to play. Sorry Miyamoto-san, we know your intentions were noble and you genuinely wanted to create a unique play style but that game sucked.

Please don’t throw a table at me. I really do love you…..

CRASHThankfully, the time has come for Nintendo owners to be able to enjoy the tempestuous delights of shooting things from a flying vehicle. And for that, on behalf of the community, I would like to thank Fractal Phase, the developer and publisher of this little gem.

Sky Rogue is an interesting proposition for Nintendo Switch. It offers a Rogue like experience, as the name suggests. What this means to the layman, is randomly generated levels, that differ every time. This keeps things fresh and offers plenty of re play value. As its a rouge like, when you die, you stay dead. All progress is gone and you start back at day one.


Visually, the aesthetics of Sky Rogue are very pleasing. The game has a lovely cel shaded vibe, and whether intentional or not by the developer, delicious blocky polygons. Seriously, it’s almost laughable, completely archaic, yet utterly endearing. Who knows, perhaps I’m just a sucker for nostalgia.

If Nintendo ever do re awaken the sleeping dragon that is F-Zero, get this guy to do the soundtrack.

It offers a blend of fast paced midi beats and frantic snare drum rolls, as well as calming almost futuristic Hawaiian overtures. A real mixed bag and a feast of Roman proportions for you ear drums.



I had a blast with this title, mainly in short bursts. The game play lends itself perfectly to both brief play sessions as well as longer hauls. For the same reasons, I enjoyed playing this game both docked and in handheld.

The randomly generated missions usually involve taking down X amount of a certain type of enemy craft, or blowing up a base or supplies factory. Whilst being random, they are often very samey and can be completed in a matter of minutes. The longest mission that I have experienced so far clocked in at 8 minutes and involved destroying an enemy base of operations.


Sky Rogue offers a variety of control schemes. It is entirely possible to play the game with a pro controller or Joy Cons in their grip, as well as in handheld, obviously. However, the developer has added  a motion control option that is not only unique to the Switch version, but also, a sheer joy to play with.

Danger Zone.

Use the left  Joy Con, held side ways to control velocity, almost like accelerating on a motor cycle, and the right one held in the traditional manner to aim and shoot. Everything is sharp and responsive, as well as being very comfortable and organic.


Sky Rogue has a multitude of different camera options. Personally, I opted for a traditional 3rd person, however the usual suspects are all present. Whether you choose 1st person, 3rd person or over the shoulder, Sky Rogue has you covered. There is also a cinematic camera which certainly looks impressive, albeit at the expense of any real sense of control.



Sky Rogue feels like the kind of game that, after playing just once, you would know whether its your jam. For this reason, if the developer were to release a demo in the future, that could potentially be a huge selling point. Until that day comes however, if you’re a fan of games such as Ace combat, the previously mentioned Star Fox or even Rogue Squadron games, take a punt.

Whilst not perfect by any means, Sky Rogue is a great title that scratches a certain itch for Switch owners. The added control mode, Danger Zone is testament to the work put in by the developer to not just release a lazy port.

Aside from the odd dud level, which is to be expected considering the nature of randomly procedural games, the main issue is the sheer amount of blue. As farcical as that sounds, all you have to do is look at this review to see how predominant it is on the games pallet.


Rogue like flight simulator with a striking cel shaded appearance to accompany top notch tunes. Easy to pick up and play as well as being suited for an extended play session. Refreshing use of motion controls.


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