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[Review] – Bombslinger – Nintendo Switch

By Brett Hrin Apr 26, 2018


Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by Brett

Publisher – Plug In Digital
Developer – Mode4
Category – Adventure, Action, Strategy
Release Date – 04.11.2018


Welcome to the adult version of super bomber man.

I love Bomberman.


Bombslinger masterfully takes everything that game has ever been, made it better and made it it’s own.

Containing far more back story and drive it blows its predecessors out of the water in its story mode and keeps pace with its multiplayer offerings.

Bosses are Diverse and awesome.
Like this flaming hell goat for example.


You are McMean the ex leader of a band of roving bank robbers in the old west. After a long career you decide to take a leave from the hard life of crime you have been living. You settle down with your gal and start your own farming ranch, however this does not last long as your old gang is not much happy about your change of heart and early, natural retirement. To get your attention one night in the dark of the night they set blaze to your ranch house killing your woman in the process. After burying your beloved with a fistful of bombs, a cigar in your mouth and hellfire in your eyes, you set out on a tale of revenge and destruction. All you have left is to hunt down your old gang, the ones who have wronged you and you will forge your own brand of justice.

You will be avenged!


Bombslinger looks beautiful.

Rich and vibrant colors with explosions lighting up the screen.

Characters all have unique styles and animations and there is plenty of diversity.

Presented in classic top down 2D perspective.

Sitting somewhere between sixteen and thirty two bit art, it lovingly pays tribute to the games it takes inspiration from.

Why are you fighting a flaming hell goat?
Because it metal that why.


You navigate procedurally generated 2D fields placing and detonating bombs to destroy objects and kill enemies. Clearing an area of all adversaries with open a path to a new arena where you do the same until getting to the boss of the level. Getting there is easier said than done however. Everything on the map is out to kill you from roaming wild goats and dogs to angry farmers, militia and goons. Every type of enemy behaves differently and learning how each enemy works is key to survival.

Speaking of, surviving is something that is rather hard to do in Bombslinger. Starting with only three hit points and depending on the perks you pick before the game proper starts one to no continues.

That’s right possibly only three hits and its game over man.

Luckily if played smart you can obtain many extra perks and items from enemy drops, chests and a shop keep on each level to get you through to the next stage. Ranging from extra bombs and hearts to abilities like being able to jump over the destructible objects that block your path making it much quicker getting to your foes. All of these things are quite helpful but it doesn’t alleviate the brutality of Bombslinger’s difficulty all that much.  With lots of practice, careful planning and a hefty dose of luck you will persevere but one this is for sure Bombslinger  is not for those of you who are not up for a challenge.

You will die.

You will die alot.

You will see this screen ALOT.

Does this mean every play through after the first death your a ex bank robber cowboy zombie?
I like to think so.


Controls are fairly straightforward in Bombslinger. Move with the control stick or D-Pad, place bombs with A and you items with X, Y and B.

Everything works fine with the exception of some slight movement issues. I found myself hurting myself more often than i would have liked with explosions due to not being able to move out of the way properly.

The plays fine with pro controllers and joy cons and looks amazing in both handheld and on the big screen.

The Shop is the only 3D space in the game


Bombslinger is an amazing tribute to bomberman and takes this style of game and elevates it to another level. Visuals are beautiful and sound design is great and very well fitting. This game is as tough as our lead McMean and is one of the more challenging games i have yet to play on switch.

I love it but it frustrates  the hell out of me.

Am i a glutton for punishment?


Should you buy it?


Buy Bombslinger


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