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[News] Super Mario Party Boards the Nintendo Switch this Fall

For the first time in three years, Nintendo console players are getting another Mario Party title. After the release of 10, only the 3DS saw minor continuations of this series. But, that all changes this fall when we can finally get our hands on Super Mario Party. We got teased with a couple minutes of footage showing the game in action, so here’s what we know based on what we saw…

About the Game

– Some new characters including Rosalina, a Goomba and (my personal favorite)  Dry Bones.
– Switch Connectivity – Use multiple Switches in tandem to make your own board game as you play against friends. And in-game characters will move between the screens.
– New mini-games and boards – Always the main focus of these games, a good amount of these were shown off and they look fun as heck.
– Multiple controller functionality – Joy-cons were shown being used sideways, as well as straight up for motion controls as well
– Square off together against each other – Another typical of the series, players will be able to work together and/or straight up against each other in all of the mini-games.

Other than the character reveals, everything we saw is stuff that’s become a staple of these games, and Super Mario Party looks to be incredible. You’ll only have to wait a handful of months longer, as this title drops in October of this year!

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By HG Mike

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