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[Review] – Mushroom Wars 2 – Nintendo Switch

Mushroom Wars 2
Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by Brett

Publisher – Zillion Whales
Developer – Creat Studios
Category – Strategy, Action
Release Date – July 05, 2018


Tower Strategy In A Mushroom Kingdom 

Mushroom Wars 2 published by Zillion Whales and developed by Creat Studios is fun blend between a tower defense game and a real time strategy game. Its whimsical atheistic hide beneath it a hardcore strategy experience  with loads of play options.


Mushroom Wars 2 features some pretty charming artwork of a mushroom kingdom gone to war. The story, though loosely told through storyboard cinematics , is a tale of lose, betrayal, cooperation and victory. You will be playing as little mushroom warriors defending and capturing plots of land  from other mushroom warriors, the undead(?) and aliens, all of which are of the cute and petite variety.

Gameplay in Mushroom Wars 2 is your typical RTS (Real Time Strategy) approach with a slight variation. Instead of units fighting each other, your goal is to capture all of the enemy buildings by sending troops to them. All the fighting is done unseen but if successful you will capture the building for your own and in most cases capturing all of the buildings on a map means victory.

You will usually start off with a building or two and have to capture other building across the play field making them one of your own. Each building you inhabit creates more troops for you to do battle with, so the more buildings you occupy the more troops can me amassed. Buildings can also be upgraded giving them stronger defenses by allowing more units to be held within. Some buildings have other functions like turret towers, which are used for defense and forges which raise the overall power of your troops.

Depending on your play style preference online matches are where most players are going to find themselves for the majority of their time in Mushroom Wars 2 and there are several ways in which to conquer the enemy online.

Conquest Mode

In conquest mode, the player who captures all the buildings of the other color wins.

You lose when you do not have any more units or buildings.

This is your standard RTS style that most players will be familiar with.


In domination mode, your goal is to capture all special building on the map.

You automatically lose when all special buildings are captured by the enemy.

In this game mode you will find special mushroom towers that rapidly generate units when captured.

King of the Hill

In King of the Hill mode burn points for holding special buildings.

The current numbers of points you have are displayed by your profile.

You start off with three hundred points, the player first to reach zero points is the winner.

Quite a large story mode is included in Mushroom Wars 2. The campaign comes with one hundred levels, two different campaigns to complete and four difficulties to tackle. The types of matches in story mode are variations on the three game modes offered in multiplayer. Conquest, domination and king of the hill. Though there may be loads of levels one issue with mushroom wars is that there just is not that much variation between the three match types. I could see some people finding this repetitive but i surprisingly never got bored and in fact enjoyed pretty much every match i played.


Mushroom Wars 2 is great success as far as i am concerned. There may not be a metric ton of game modes but the ones that are present work and play great. Perhaps more die hard RTS fans might have some issues with that and there not being a large variety of buildings or troops, but for a casual RTS player like myself, it was not overwhelming and was indeed a great amount of fun the whole way through. With one hundred single player levels, challenging difficulties that will keep you busy for hours and an excellent online offering Mushroom Wars 2 is a great game. With the market for RTS games on Switch being what they are this is a must get whether you a fan or the genre or not.




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