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[Review] – Sausage Sports Club – Nintendo Switch

Sausage Sports Club
Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by Brett

Publisher – Luckshot Games
Developer – Luckshot Games
Category – Platformer, Party, Sports, Adventure
Release Date – July 19, 2018



Bendy neck animal pal party

Sausage Sports Club published and developed by Luckshot Games is a party game styled multiplayer game with light story elements for up to eight players. It features a strange cast of long bendy necked animals from which its charm is derived. Keep Reading to find out how deep this long, bendy necked rabbit hole goes.


You are a new contestant in the Sausage Sports Club, a club and reality show for bendy necked animals who love to compete at sports to solve every argument and problem that any of them has. Literally every conversation you have in Sausage Sports Club ends in you playing a game to see who wins said conversation. Its fairly amazing everything doesn’t end in bloodshed.



You start off by selecting the bendy necked animal you wish to play as and how many people or bots are joining you. You will then find yourself smack in the middle of the hub of Sausage Sports Club where you are very promptly given the rundown of how controls work and filled in about collecting coins to unlock sweet hats and then its time to start helping out all the bendy necked animals and playing your way to the top of the club circuit by hitting players with your bendy neck and jump farting your way to victory.

As mentioned before Every conversation you have leads to playing a game to solve a problem and also helps your ranking in the club. A “season” of Sausage Sports Club  lasts for 4 in game days. Each day ends when you have played a certain amount of games. After a brief interlude from the broadcast station about the days winners, remember this is a reality show, your back in the hub with one of three new areas unlocked to roam around and talk to more animals to play more games. After all four days are done all points are tallied and a winner was announced. In my case it was a draw somehow, even though i lost all but one game, we played a tie breaker and i won, hence winning this season of Sausage Sports Club.

The real fun obviously comes from the mini sports games you will be playing, here is a breakdown of whats on offer.

Sumo: You push and harass other competitors into spikes and hazards for points

Coinz: Very similar to Sumo except when you knock other players into a hazard coins pop out of them. The team with the biggest bank at the end wins.

Paintball: The objective of Paint Ball is to push a ball around and try to paint the arena in your color, the team with the most paint coverage wins a la Splatoon.

Capture the Flag: Pretty self explanatory bring the opposing teams flag back to your flag for a point, team with the most points at the end of the match wins.

Soccer: Just like real soccer knock the ball into the opposing teams net to score a point. most points wins and just like real soccer the scores will be low as its hard to get the ball in there. This did turn out to be our favorite mode though.


Graphics are simple but cute. Bendy neck farting animals will make anyone smile and me and my girlfriend had a a lot of laughs from the dialogue and from the hilarity of smacking each other with necks three times the norm and fart blasting our way through the air. Collecting new hats was fun and made our ridiculous characters all the more ridiculous and in Sausage Sports Club that’s a good thing. Music is also very cutesie and simple but fit the game well. One lingering question me and my cat have is why the hell is there no cat to play as? Blasphemy!


The reality game aspect ties things together nicely but really i have no idea how i won the season i played and this made me think winning didn’t really matter and you know what that turned out to be true. Even though we lost nearly every game we played we had a lot of fun playing them. I’m still not sure how much i suck or how brutal the A.I. is but at the end of the day its great to play with friends and thanks to the free play mode you can just turn it on for some quick silly games with some pals. One thing i wish is that there were a larger variety of games to be played but I can still recommend it for a lot of hours of laughs with friends.




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