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[Review] Jack ‘n’ Jill DX – Nintendo Switch

Jack n Jill DX
Nintendo Switch

Developed By : Rohan Narang
Published By : Ratalaika Games
Category : Platformer, Arcade, Adventure
Release Date : Sep 28, 2018

Do you love to play video games? Did you recently lose nine of your fingers in a freak accident? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then grab a seat because I just might have a game for you! Jack n Jill DX is the latest in the world of single-button platformers, and it’s hit the Nintendo Switch. In the game, Jack and Jill have been separated from each other, and it’s your duty to reunite the two of them.

You’ll be thrown head first into well over a hundred levels in which you’ll be Jack’s guiding eyes, helping him navigate to the end and his true love, Jill. You’ll need to jump over gaps, bounce off springs, avoid enemies, even wall jump through some obstacles, and it’s all done with just a single button. So all you nine-finger amputee’s out there, your love of gaming need not die!

Pressing the A button starts Jack off moving in a single direction. That same button is how you’ll jump, whether it be over a gap, off a wall, or even off an enemies head! So the game comes down to a lot of timing. At first you’ll have a little wiggle room, with jumps that give you plenty of space for take off’s and landing, as well as multiple routes through a stage so if you miss a jump, you can take advantage of a Plan B. And, when you reach the end of a level and need to turn around, let Jack run into a wall and he’ll rebound the other way.

As I mentioned, the levels start off on the simple side, allowing you time to get used to the controls and the timing of jumps. Initially, Jack can only jump and rebound off walls, but the more you progress the more he learns new things. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself playing a more trial-and-error run of the levels, needing to perfect the moves necessary to make it to Jill. Oh, and it’s worth noting, that Jack n Jill realizes that sometimes, us men need saving too. Jill is available as a fully playable character, and can perform the same things as she makes her way to Jack.

With it’s use of only one button, Jack n Jill isn’t the most immersive, in-depth gaming experience, so if you’re looking for something a little deeper than keep shopping. However if you do enjoy the simpler things in life, or you do find yourself with the use of only one finger, this game is a great one and it’s more than worthy of a spot in your library. My only complaint would have to be the monochromatic presentation of the game in it’s entirety. This is fixed with the games in-game purchase system that allows you to unlock not only colors, but hats for the titular characters as well.

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By HG Mike

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