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[Review] Monster Loves You – Nintendo Switch


Monster Loves You

Reviewed by Kieran

Developer:  Radial Games
Publisher: Radial Games
Category: Simulation, Puzzle, Adventure
Release Date: 09.30.2018

Monsters, Inc.

Monster Loves You is certainly an interesting concept, but how well does it translate into a fully fledged gaming experience? For the answer to this, and more of life’s great mysteries, read on.*

The game starts as any good video game does, with a being becoming conscious in a tub of slime. And not that super realistic gunky stuff you see in Stranger Things or any of the 712 Alien movies, this is good old fashioned Saturday TV neon green slime.

Even in these very early moments, the decisions that you make will affect how the rest of the game plays out. Do you let whatever that is chewing on your leg continue to treat you like a tasty drumstick? Or do you swim to the edge and get out of there quicker than Kevin Spacey in Season 6 of House of Cards?

Whatever you choose will affect the score over 6 categories – Bravery, Cleverness, Ferocity, Honesty, Kindness, and Respect. Depending on how you balance these points can drastically alter the type of monster that you become.

*Mysteries of life may not be fully, or even partially answered.

I’m friends with the monster

Monster Loves You plays out like an interactive story book, with the presentation of this whimsical little adventure being fairly basic, if not somewhat charming. There are no animations, instead all of the action takes place on a plethora of  painted backdrops. Scenarios play out and offer you multiple choices of actions to take, and as aforementioned, the results of these decisions shape your journey.

The entire game; from birth all the way through to the sweet, sweet release of death, can be played through in around 45 minutes. From youth, to adolescence to adulthood, the journey is fragmented into days, with each new one offering you the chance to earn more monster points.

Once you have simulated a certain amount of events, that section of your Monsters life will conclude and a new chapter, as well as a brand spanking new set of situations will occur.

Obviously, what with the nature of the game, there is a fair amount of replay value as you can take the time to explore different choices and see where those life choices lead you. On my 1st play through I simply died, becoming one withe slime. On my 2nd attempt I elevated to the status of Elder and reaped all the delicious rewards befitting such a lofty title.

The Monster Mash

Some of the situations that you find yourself in in Monster Loves You are utterly hilarious. At one point, having decided to take a nap in a bush to escape the midday sun, I awoke to find two kids passing. I was offered two choices, eat one of the children and swiftly consume the next, or let the both pass. Or a combination of both, although the consequence of survivors isn’t to be sniffed at.

For the record I don’t condone using children for culinary creations. Or humans of any age for that matter, just don’t eat at my restaurant on a Tuesday…


As a throwaway title, by which I mean something that will offer a few hours entertainment on a rainy November afternoon, before being relegated to the archives, Monster Loves You  can be a lot of fun, offering laughs by the proverbial bucket load. This wacky title, whilst very basic in both premise and presentation, has enough about it to at least peek your interest, albeit momentarily.

Having played this game for more time than I probably should have I can say that it, if nothing else entertaining. In all honesty I probably wouldn’t call this a video game. As a video game it would score low. But as it is in fact an interactive story book, I feel that Monster Loves You has earned has at least earned an honoury position in everybody’s library.


Silly fun for older kids and young at heart adults alike. Very basic presentation, throughout. Some genuinely funny, albeit slightly disconcerting moments. Lots of replay value and a nice easy pick up and play style. Perfectly suited for Nintendo Switch



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