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[Review] Zombie Driver : Immortal Edition – Nintendo Switch

Zombie Driver : Immortal Edition
Nintendo Switch

Developed By : EXOR Studios
Published By : EXOR Studios
Category : Arcade, Racing
Release Date : July 25, 2019

All the way back to my childhood, I can remember zombies being in just about everything. Movies and video games at first, but as I grew older I found them in books and TV shows as well. In the realm of video games, I always thought that I had played just about every genre possible with the undead. However, picking up Zombie Driver on the Nintendo Switch quickly made me realize that I had never experienced the undead in a racing environment.

You’ll find yourself slapped dead center in a multi-district city that has become overrun with what seems like millions of the living-impaired. There are so many that freely walking the streets is one of the most dangerous things you can do. So, enter you in your weapon-mounted taxi. The army is calling on your skills behind the wheel to help clear and eventually (hopefully) eradicate the city of it’s problems.

There are nearly three dozen missions to keep you occupied in the city which will see you ramming through countless zombies to free important citizens, clear areas to make them safe, and take on disgustingly massive mutations. Expand the city itself and help the army find more bases to use in hopes of seeing the good ending of the situation.

Each mission you play comes with a primary objective, an optional secondary one, and special unlocks for completing either. For the most part, you’ll be rewarded money for completing what you do, but in the earlier missions you’ll also gain access to new guns and vehicles. Each vehicle has it’s own stats for armor, ramming, and speed, and none of these stats to transfer to the other vehicles so you’ll need to upgrade each one individually. Weapons have different levels that can be unlocked, and these do transfer no matter which vehicle you are purchasing them on. Your arsenal includes a machine gun, flamethrower, rocket launcher, railgun, and a nitrous boost to help you get through the thicker mobs of zombies.

However, all of this just applies to only one of the modes offered in Zombie Driver. You’ll also have access to playing a straight up racing mode, as well as survival. Survival is pretty straightforward. Get dropped into the city, scrounge up ammo for your weapons and health for your vehicle and just survive as long as you can.

The racing mode offers a handful of different tournaments of increasing difficulty and length. Some tournaments will be made up four rounds, others will go on longer, but they’ll always be comprised of the same three modes. Race, Eliminator, and Endurance. Race is just as it says, beat your opponents on a track that ducks and weaves all around the city. Eliminator changes the objective to blowing up as many opponents as possible, and Endurance tests just that. Your car has an armed bomb in it set to explode after a timer counts down. Luckily, you can add to this timer by making it through checkpoints, but if that timer hits zero you go boom.

I found Zombie Driver to be quite enjoyable. There were a lot more zombies in the game than I had anticipated, and it never once suffered for gameplay, no matter how many undead populated the screen. I liked that there were different types too, such as the Fat Types that explode if you get too close and can deal massive damage to your vehicle.

Picking the game up on Switch gets you the Immortal Edition which comes with every bit of DLC that has ever come out for the game. I had never played this game before so I can’t really say anything specifically on what it offers differently compared to the standard edition, but I can say that there is a lot of stuff to play with. Regardless of which mode you drop into, you’re sure to have a good time with this game, so pick it up and go slay some zombies with your wheels!


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EXOR Studios

By HG Mike

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