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[Review] Chicken Rider – Nintendo Switch

Chicken Rider
Nintendo Switch

Developed By : Ultimate Games
Published By : Ultimate Games
Category : Platformer, Endless Runner
Release Date : May 17, 2019

If you’re a fan of endless runner games, then playing Chicken Rider on the Nintendo Switch just might be something you enjoy doing. Not a fan of the genre? Well…this really has nothing else to offer for you.

Chicken Rider puts you in control of a polar bear who is on a mission to free some chickens from their farm captivity. In doing so, one sweeps by and snatches the polar bear up, and it is now your duty to guide this chicken to a safety that just doesn’t exist (because endless).

You’ll encounter various obstacles that you’ll need to avoid such as people on the farm looking to stop you, and just plain ol’ brick walls. Hitting any of these will cause you to come to a dead stop and start all over again. However, you are able to collect any of the plethora of gold coins that will be all around. These bank at the end of each round, along with the ones you earn for how far you made it and any missions you might have completed during the session.

These coins can be put towards purchasing different costumes for your bear to wear, or special power-ups which could just give you an edge to get a little bit further in your escape. You can even purchase different chickens to be the one that you ride out of the farm on.

Now, with a game like this, you might even consider getting it for your little one to play instead of for yourself. Well, I thought so too until I paid a bit of attention to some of the things. In particular, one of the power-ups is Viagara. Not looks-like, not spelled almost-like…it’s an actual blue pill and it’s called Viagara in the power-up menu. So unless that’s a conversation you’re wanting to have with your child, be weary of putting this game in their hands.

In the end, there’s really not much to say about this game. The graphics are cartoony, the music fits the pacing of you running along. It’s just about everything you would expect from an endless runner game. For such a low price it’s easy to get your money’s worth when it doesn’t cost much money, but you could also easily find something else to put that money to. That’s my suggestion at least.


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By HG Mike

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