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[Review] Damaged in Transit – Nintendo Switch

By HG Mike May22,2020

Damaged in Transit
Nintendo Switch

Developed By : Everook
Published By : Everook
Category : Puzzle, Action
Release : Apr 23, 2020

Puzzle games are a genre that are tried and true. As many games as there have been, it’s pretty hard to introduce something that’s entirely new and original. Instead, we see characters, settings, and mechanics all changed in and out and hoping that they work successfully. Damaged in Transit on the Nintendo Switch is such a title, but do you need to even bother yourself with this one?

The story is as minimal as you’d expect, especially considering that there is no consistent progression, rather a pick-and-choose level map. There are five worlds for you to play through, each with 25 levels giving you quite the selection of brain twisters to deal with. You’ll be in control of a pair of robots and getting them to different delivery spots.

In each level, the robots run automatically in a single direction at a time. The only way for their direction to change is by directionalized pads on the ground. For the most part these are placed at junctions where the different paths cross each other. You’ll be in control of a lot of these directional pads, but not all of them.

To change the direction just simply press your desired button on the D-Pad, but be careful because these robots are built without logic. So if you have them turning right, taking a dip off the path towards destruction, they will listen to you without hesitation. However falling won’t be your only hazard to worry about, and as soon as you get introduced to the others you’ll wish you only needed to be concerned about falling.

Eventually you’ll be guiding these robots through and around things such as other robots, flamethrowers and spikes. Some of these items, like the spikes for example, can be directly or indirectly controlled by you. Some will automatically turn on/off each time you press the button to change the arrows, while others will immediately eject after you run over their position, meaning you’ll have to avoid both robots taking the same path.

Initially, Damaged in Transit seems pretty basic and simple, but it wastes no time in showing you just how difficult it can be. With both robots constantly moving on their own, guiding them down separate paths will be quite tough. After getting introduced to the hazards and obstacles though, you’ll really congratulate yourself just for getting to the end of the first world. It’s fun and it’s tough, and this game is a dream for anyone who loves puzzle games. So if that’s you, don’t waste any time adding this one to your Switch library.


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By HG Mike

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