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[Review] World for Two-Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Seventh rank
Published By: room6
Category: Adventure, Simulation
Release Date: 09.17.2020

It is rare that I find a game that I would consider both simple and in-depth at the same time. That is the case with World for Two. A beautiful pixelated world set in an apocalyptic future that requires discovery and creation (literally) to uncover a story hidden in details not yet uncovered. Real world biology has always interested me, and the simple way it is used in design for this game works in it’s favor.

Your story begins as an android brought to life by a lonely scientist. The world has been destroyed and as the android, your work begins by collecting crystals produced from Starflames. Different color Starflames are needed as the genes get more complex. Each are used to purchase genetic codes by combining codes of different DNA strands; thus, creating new creatures. All working toward the goal of bringing new life to an old world.

When you create an new creature, you must embark out into the world and sequence the matching DNA. The game gives you a few options, and while the puzzles start off fairly easy to decipher, their difficulty raise as the creatures get more advanced. However, the most difficult of DNA cyphers are not terribly difficult to uncover. There is a color code on the bottom right of each DNA code that gives you a clue on how to match the codes together. Once the DNA is properly completed, you can harvest DNA from creatures that is used to progress further creations.

The music is pleasant, and fits the tone of the world you reside in. The game play, while simple, melds with strategic elements in both developing new lifeforms and sequencing DNA strands. While it could be considered a short game, there is a lot to like about this title.

The goal as you play a creation in the role of Creator, is to reintroduce life in an apocalyptic world. There are hidden messages throughout that lead you to what caused the destruction. This indie game has retro elements and simple gameplay but uses these elements in a manner that brings more grandeur than what appears at first glance. I enjoyed this title, and recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventure or strategy games.


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*The Switch Effect was graciously provided this game code for review.

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