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[Review] Art Sqool – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Jan4,2021
Developed By: Julian Glander
Published By: Redeergames
Categories: Art
Release Date: 11.19.20

Art is a fitting title, playing Art Sqool feels like some avant-garde art piece that would play on Adult Swim at 4AM.

You’re the Froshmin, new to Art Sqool. Finish these assignments and return to be graded. Repeat. Between this all, you can walk, jump, keep jumping in the air again and again to find more brushes, colors, ways to draw and paint. This includes a mop.

The assignments you get start simple. Draw an animal. Draw something comfy. Draw a flag. Then it gets more vague like “The Right Thing”. The game tells you how it grades you, but I still don’t quite get if it’s actually grading talent or just time wasted. I could draw something crude or just use every brush and it seemed to give me an A.

Art Sqool is one of the ugliest games I have ever played. It’s bright, it’s random, it’s incredibly simple and basic in design. It along with just about everything else in the game seems like a joke I’m not in on. Can anyone who went to art school help me out?

I can’t help but feel this game is pretentious. There’s something I must be missing. I did enjoy myself as soon as I started just goofing off instead however, but I don’t know if that was the goal. Art is subjective though…


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