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[Review] Splashy Cube – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Red Dev Studio
Published By: No Gravity Games
Categories: Cube Roller
Release Date: 12.11.20

In Splashy Cube you do two things. Move forward, and move left. All in a the quest to get to the goal.

The game isn’t deep, but it’s pretty fun. Get to the end, don’t fall in pits, don’t move into the wrong enemies or spikes. And do it quickly, the stages all start crumbling away behind you. Each stage has their own color scheme, with you matching enemies you get points to running into. There’s a lot of stages and later ones do get hard, but it feels like the stages are randomized with the obstacles placement, only with newer ones slowly being added. If anything, I wish that you could do more than just move in those two directions, even just moving left, but that probably goes against the design philosophy of the game.

Outside of there being quite the few stages, all having their own colors, there’s a lot of achievements to unlock different skins. Just move a lot, defeat a lot of enemies, get a high score, get to a late stage, or the real good ones, play for consecutive days. I like using the house skin.

The game isn’t deep, there’s not much of an artstyle, but for what it is, Splashy Cube is good fun and moving swiftly through stages with no mistakes is satisfying enough for me to keep playing.


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