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[Review] Sokodice – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Mar13,2021
Developed By: The Socially Awkward Studio
Categories: Puzzle
Release Date: 03.12.21

Sokodice is a relaxing kind of puzzle game that you just sit down, think, and take your time to solve the riddles. It also will probably make you feel a little dumb at times as overthink some really simple riddles.

With Sokodice, you’re kind of playing Sokoban with dice. With such, stage are all on a grid. There’s going to be square on the grid with a number, you’re going to need to get the respective side of the dice facing up on that square. This starts easy, especially if you want to do it within the move par each stage has, but quickly ramps up the difficulty in later stages. Add more than one dice and stages can turn into some real tricky riddles. With the game being constantly in an isometric, it can be a little tricky to really press the right direction at times, since you can’t just hit up or down for movement. If you do make mistakes though, you can always just reverse the move you just made with a simple press of the button.

Each world in the game has it’s own theme with it’s own way to spice up what would otherwise be a standard puzzle game. Ice, crumbling floors, wind, blocks that spin you, etc. Depending on how well you read the stages, it can be harder to sometimes easier.

Graphics are simple, but look nice. If you want them even more basic, you’re given the option. There’s a charm to that option too, stripping the game to it’s basics. While I did find issue with the isometric camera control wise, it does make the game look good. Music is calming, it’s nothing that would make you want to hurry or rush to make mistakes.

If you want a new way to play Sokoban, give Sokodice a try. With how challenging some levels get, it’s never an issue because the game never grades you on how long it takes you to beat a stage and you don’t even need to get par to beat a stage. Over 50 levels and then doubling that with harder stages in each world unlocked after beating a world means you’re going to stay pretty busy.


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