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[Review] Explosionade DX – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Apr 9, 2021
Developed and Published By: Mommy's Best Games
Categories: Shooter
Release Date: 03.18.21

Explosionade DX is a gross game. It’s grimy, it’s metallic, it’s chunky and there’s gonna be a mess everywhere. Good thing you’re in a mechsuit.

This is a simple game. Go in a dank area, shoot and explode the living hell out of absolutely everything you see. Explosionade DX comes off more as a score game. There is a story and there is a very small cast, but everything seems more focused on just splattering Horronym guts everywhere. There’s a mixed feeling I have with how it feels to play however. You have your standard gun, you aim with the right stick, and shoot grenades with the ZR button. A shield can be summoned with ZL, which can be used to keep yourself safe, but is mostly going to be to bounce around to hit higher, out of reach platforms. Grab gold and the developer’s logo in a rare instance to get more points and heal. Get 10 gold and you can go into a strong frenzy with no cooldowns. With all of this in mind, you will be doing the exact same thing in every level.

If you want, you can just go directly to the stage’s goal, you’ll even get a point bonus if you do it within 30 seconds. You’re going to want to shoot everything though, that’ll also get you a decent point bonus. Shooting things doesn’t feel too satisfying though. Perhaps it’s just the lack of rumble that gets to me, but while the game is fun, kill everything just feels samey unless you’re fighting one of the grotesque giant bosses. You see new enemies, there’s an obstacle that can create a crusty wall you’ll need to bomb soon it, but it’s just like the walls you can destroy before. I played through the game and never really had a point where I wasn’t having fun, but getting to a certain point later in the game just felt like playing a noiser version of an earlier stage.

Noise is honestly a good word for Explosionade DX because there is always something crowding the screen. It’s a visually loud game, almost to an overwhelming extent. Luckily, with how many sound effects the game has, it doesn’t flood the game and cover the kicking butt rock that plays in the game.

Please add rumble to this game. Or at least something to make enemies feel more satisfying to kill. There’s a good game in here, especially for score chasers. There’s a lot of stages, a practice mode to train for each stage, and plenty of achievements to unlock.


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