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[Review] Cyberhook – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Blazing Stick
Published By: Graffiti Games
Categories: First Person Platformer
Release Date: 06.24.21

Ok so. Imagine Bionic Commando, but even more 80’s like. Now put it in first person and make it super fast. That’s Cyberhook.

Get to that goal as fast as you can. Use your cyber hook to latch and switch from blue blocks. Shoot the green blocks. Climb the Yellow. Avoid the Red. Slow down time when you get in the white streams to build speed. It’s a speedrun, high score, low time kind of game. If you don’t get used to the controls, you’re going to get brick walled, hard. In order to unlock new worlds and levels, you’ll need to get fast times in each level, so good luck.

Cyberhook is the kind of game I’d love to see in VR. It moves VERY fast and the camera will shift constantly. It’d probably be a great motion sickness kind of game, but I’d love to see the developers try to do this, it’d be wild. This is where I say the game probably would control better with a mouse and keyboard. Not that it controls bad on Switch, but everything can be a bit disorientating, especially in Handheld mode. Motion controls are a fantastic substitute for a mouse and keyboard, but I’d recommend doing that in Docked mode, as moving the screen with how fast the game gets is not a good idea.

The game expects a lot from you and if you don’t get into gear, you’re not going to get far. But since this is a level based game, you can always try and try again for better times. You might even make your own path for getting that ridiculous top time they ask for.

The 80’s inspired neon colors, grid based look is everywhere in Cyberhook. It’s not too loud or gaudy however. Every color has it’s purpose and it just has a retro look instead of just being bright and annoying.

Any issues I seem to have with Cyberhook are more a user problem and not the game’s fault. I think too much might be going on at times for someone like me or I’m just not used to how fast in first person this game wants me to get. But I want to keep trying to get better and better. The game has me there.


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