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[Review] Discolored – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Aug6,2021
Developed and Published By: Godbey Games/Jason Godbey
Categories: Puzzle
Release Date: 07.01.21

A dull, lifeless world. Discolored rather. It’s time to fill it back up with color. The three primary colors. Red, Blue, and Green.

Discolored is a short, first person puzzle game. You find yourself at a diner, it’s color is gone. You’ll have to figure out riddles to place color back into the world. With one color, more of the diner and it’s surroundings open up, with their own small riddles. You can see things with Green brought back into the world! But maybe it might have locked you out of an area too. Mixed in with that are a small handful of perspective puzzles, with one involving the moon.

I wouldn’t call Discolored a horror game, but it has a mighty oppressive atmosphere. Something always feels off and there’s always a haunting mood. But it’s just you and the diner you’re filling back with color. The old-timey feel of everything, including the sparse music even further adds to a feeling of unease.

Discolored is was enjoyable, but far far too short. The best way I’d describe it is that it feels like only the first act of a game, then it ends. I was left wanting more when I got to the ending. Considering the puzzles don’t really change after you play the game and it’s so short, it’s hard to replay it. Please, please, please make a sequel.


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