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[Review] G DARIUS HD – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: M2
Published By: ININ Games
Categories: Retro, Shoot 'em Up
Release Date: 

Never has G DARIUS looked so good. I have a fondness for the low poly look a lot of PSone games and general 3D games around this time, so seeing it all is HD is simply breathtaking. To those familiar with the M2ShoTriggers series and with the Arcade Cozmic Collection, you’re going to love what M2 did with G DARIUS. To those not familiar, the M2ShoTriggers series has something called Gadgets.

Gadgets in this sense are little extras outside of the game game display that show certain stats, boss health, what level your weapons and shield are at and so forth. It’s something that most players will probably see and ignore, but to me it adds layers to games that include it. With G DARIUS, the gadgets aren’t as in depth as CC Arcade, but a future patch will fix that.

G DARIUS is the first 3D Darius game and it was one hell of a way to jump into 3D. It’s hard for me to decide if I think Darius Gaiden or G DARIUS is the better looking game. Both incredibly colorful. One with a master class in spritework, the other in that sweet spot of 3D games. Both have equally as fantastic music by the wonderful Hisayoshi Ogura of Zuntata, continuing the dreamlike feel.


Outside of 3D, the biggest thing that G DARIUS brings to the series is the Capture Ball. You’re going to be shooting endlessly in a shmup, right? Well, in G DARIUS this is slightly discouraged as you can use these Capture Balls to capture enemies or even Mid Bosses! Which were the only things you could have in Darius Gaiden. Common enemies can just have the Capture Ball shot out and then have them fight with you as options and shields. With Minibosses, you have to be careful. Hit their weak spot, but don’t destroy them. An early Mid Boss has a face shield that needs to be removed before a capture, but try to only shoot that or you’ll destroy the poor thing!

Another thing introduced to Darius with G was beam duels. If you’re ever watched Dragon Ball Z, you’ll be familiar with this. Whoever has the strongest laser prevails. It’s a spectacle and it feels so good to come ahead with this, but I was often too much of a coward to attempt to pull these off in the heat of a boss fight. Even more so since these beams are made from sacrificing your captures.


How does G DARIUS fare as a port? Well, I mentioned what I love earlier, but there’s great replay value outside of that. The game hosts a decent collection of achievements for those into that. In addition to that, there’s also a bestiary in the game…or rather a capture gallery. Capturing enemies or midbosses will put them in here for your viewing pleasure. I absolutely adore this addition. It incentivizes experimenting and trying to capture new enemies too, not just sticking to whichever you like.

An issue I did notice is that there is slowdown. I can’t really decipher if it’s intentional or not. It could be argued that slowdown is good for shmups (it definitely makes them easier), but it’s definitely something I noticed in the odd stage and made no sense in how random it was.

If you don’t want the additions made to G DARIUS HD, you can also always play the original G DARIUS. Either way, you’re getting a phenomenal shootemup that I cannot recommend enough.


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