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[Review] Super Animal Royale – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Pixile
Published By: Modus Games
Categories: Battle Royal
Release Date: 08.26.21

Out of the way, this is a Free to Play game, so much of what I’ll say is bound to be standard. Now that we have that mentioned…

Super Animal Royale is what you’ve feared most, a battle royale game. Ok, now I don’t actually have an issue with this genre. I love how chaotic and grand a game can get with all of the players, the giant map, and so on. This is to the best way I can put it, like if you made a sprite based PUBG or Fortnite, but with cute animals. A lot of them.

Matches are filled with what you’d expect. The odd weapon, armor, accessories, and items to heal you or fix up armor. There’s a lot of guns you’ll find, from the shotguns, to magnums, to machineguns. You’ll also find versions of higher rarity, which you know you gotta grab. Just don’t get shot immediately after amassing a cache of random junk and weapons. At least you’ll be gifted by a animal themed pun, which is great.

You’ll get dropped down into the giant map of multiple cultures and class of building from your flying bus. It’s literally an Eagle Bus, I like that. Drop down whenever you’re most comfortable and scavenge any and all you can get, while (insert your own animal pun related to death here)-ing everything you see. Don’t spend too much time in one area though, that Skunk Gas will fill up the arena. Run to the safe area, which will always be pointed out to you and make sure you’re not just gonna die by the gas, as opposed to an actual player.

Seeing at this is a F2P game, there’s grinding. A whole lot of it. Mostly for animal DNA. This is to get new animals to play as. Just getting a standard new animal, like a dog, cat, raccoon, etc… is easy enough. It’s getting the DNA needed for certain breed that take a while. I really want to get the Dachshund player skin, but that’s gonna take over 100 Dog DNA, which you’ll possibly (it’s random) get five a game. You *can* use magnets to guarantee a certain set of DNA, but that’s just for three games and you’ll still need to play well, or a lot.

Just playing, getting kills with certain weapons, doing odd things like lighting a campfire to heal, all reward you with free equipment or weapon skins. This, is all still free, and I appreciate that. You’re darn right I’m gonna use a marshmallow on a stick instead of a sword. If you want more, and some neat items, you’ll have to go for a Season Pass, which is 600 tickets, the premium currency. Full disclosure, for the purpose of review, I was given around…1000 tickets or so. So I could afford the current season, which had plenty more rewards for leveling up. Leveling up itself, even if you die immediately, felt like it raised at a decent speed. It doesn’t hurt that you can get back into matches incredibly quickly.

Thankfully, you can also buy older seasons as well if you missed them, which it’s a damn shame more games don’t do this. FOMO is an awful thing. It is just a game at the end of the day, but what if this is some random kid’s favorite game and they started it *slightly* too late for a season? More devs need to do this!

Battle Royale games are not exactly my cup of tea, personally, as it’s a game that you’re going to play, every day, all day and I love variety. That said, I really liked my time in Super Animal Royale, and I’d most definitely recommend it.


Buy Now: FREE (with Micro Transactions)



*In Game Currency was graciously provided for the purpose of review

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