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[Review] Bonfire Peaks – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Corey Martin
Published By: Draknek and Friends
Categories: Puzzle
Release Date: 09.30.21 

Go off to this island to escape. Burn all of your stuff. Really, burn it. BURN IT ALL. For real, that’s what you gotta do in Bonfire Peaks.

What we have here is a bit of an isometric, grid based puzzle game about finding a way to burn your objects. Pick it up, move it around, toss that right in the fire. Sounds simple, and many levels really are quite simple. You’re gonna have to really think for a good hunk of levels though. It isn’t just from point A to B, you’ll need to stack a certain way, position a certain way, be sure not to drop anything in the water.

Some stages were obtuse to the point of absurdity, I would spend probably way too long to try and figure out the solution. I eventually gave up and decided to watch a guide…to which even the person making a video walkthrough couldn’t figure out the stage’s solution.

I get the feeling the developers knew people would just want to skip harder levels however, as you can skip more than a few. You see, between each level is a nice little overworld of sorts. Each level is a cute bonfire. Beat the level and you get a crate, use these to go higher and higher. You won’t need every crate to proceed, but if you do complete majority of these levels, you can proceed sooner. This also means you can skip more of those really tricky levels.

Bonfire Peaks has a wonderful mood to it. From the lighting, to the voxel graphics, and the environment. The game really is great at setting the mood for that island escape, a new turn in life. The island itself, the overworld has a nice feel. It does feel lonely, but you’ll find stuff like cars, belongings, all of that that fill it up.

Bonfire Peaks is an interesting way to evolve the old as time block moving puzzle game. I do have an issue with how difficult some puzzles can get, but you can always skip those. I never felt like I had a hard roadblock. Puzzles like that make me want to come back and learn what I’m supposed to do…or maybe realize I was thinking way too hard.

If you’re willing to play a puzzle game that challenges you or makes you play strictly by the dev’s rules, give this game a try.


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