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[Review] Catie in Meowmeowland – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Jun15,2022
Developed By: ARTillery
Published By: Blowfish Studios
Categories: Point and Click, Puzzle
Release Date: 04.28.22

Catie in Meowmeowland is by far one of the strangest games I’ve ever played. The inspiration “Alice in Wonderland” is pretty weird, but wow. This one tops it. Quite the way to get me invested in a point and click.

The story starts the same. A sleeping girl gets drifted off to a new world…except this one she enters this world out of a cat’s behind. Expect the unexpected. Actually, expect the wildest stuff you’ve seen in a minute playing a Switch game.

This is a point and click in the way of it being more a puzzle game and less an adventure game. You point, click, watch things happen. Logic in these games is always a tad…off, so you’ll need to work according to that. At least with how bizarre Catie in Meowmeowland is, it’s fitting. This isn’t a difficult game though, I’d say it’s pretty decent for kids to play. If you really get stuck though, eventually a scroll will come your way to give you a nice visual clue.

It’s not particularly a long game either. You could probably finish this in a few hours or so. Never outstaying it’s welcome. I really mean it when I say this is perfect for the kind of point and click to get lesser experienced players interested in the genre. And with kids especially, I’m sure they’ll love how silly it is.

Catie in Meowmeowland is one good looking game. Love the art for this game. I am drawn to the abstract and good lordy lord this game is full of it. It’s colorful, it’s odd, and it’s even animated! Even things that aren’t important or related. For instance, in a screen with a big, fat cat, occasionally, a weenie dog will crawl out grasping for air before being sucked back under the cat. And it makes me giggle every time.

In lieu of text, the dialog is even cute little drawings in the speech bubble. I *love* it. Someone can say this is a cheap way to replace voice acting or whatever, but I absolutely love it. It’s cute. It adds character. And the art is usually pretty funny anyway.

If there was one thing I wish Catie in Meowmeowland did, it’d be to add touchscreen functionality. The pointer works just fine and you can adjust it’s sensitivity, but I’d love to have more options if possible. Otherwise, this is what I’d say is a blast of a point and click to play. Not too hard, not too long, and full of enough creativity.


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