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[Review] Persona 5 Royal – Nintendo Switch

By Richard Heaton Nov1,2022
Developed By: Atlus
Published By: Sega
Categories: RPG
Release Date: 10.21.22

Persona 5 Royal is one of the quintessential JRPG’s that you need to own on the Nintendo Switch. In fact, if you have the OLED model, this could easily be the best way to play amongst all consoles. If you’ve played Persona 5 Royal on the PS4, it’s the same game, but better, and is very deserving of an additional purchase.

I don’t really need to explain to you why Persona 5 Royal is such an amazing game. If you never played the game, there are just a few key points that you need to be aware of. The first two go hand in hand in that the game looks and sounds amazing.

When it comes to the visuals, there are few games that can come close to Persona 5’s flair and style. The animated cutscenes look fantastic, battles look good, and there’s a lot of detail and color scattered across the world. The sound is just as good because your ears are treated to an amazing cast of fully voiced characters. That’s accompanied by a soundtrack that’s churned out a ton of iconic songs.

Next you have the story and gameplay, which are both unique and can be very over the top at times. It’s a very fun game that can easily cost you a hundred hours or more.

But that’s not all you’re getting if you choose to buy this version of the game. You’re getting all that and then some. The first obvious perk of playing on the Switch is that you receive a ton of extra content. This is the definitive version of the game because it comes equipped with all the free and paid DLC that’s been previously released. You’re getting dozens of costumes, Personas, and more, which only adds to the value.

You’re also getting portability with the Switch version, meaning you can play Persona wherever you go. There’s nothing better than being able to play your favorite game wherever you are with a pair of good Bluetooth headphones. On top of that, the game runs very well in handheld mode. The Switch version as a whole had a few very minor frame rate issues compared to the PS4 but only in some visually intensive moments and they weren’t even bad.

Those two points alone should be enough to get you to buy this version of the game. The next point I want to make is just a really nice bonus. The game looks fantastic on the OLED model. If you have the OLED Switch, this game immediately becomes a must buy.

Many OLED TV’s are really expensive so most PS4 players played Persona 5 Royal on a regular TV. Even with a PS5 or XBOX Series X, you won’t really see the full potential unless your actual TV screen is as good. That’s where the OLED Switch comes in. Because these kinds of screens are much better than your average TV but games like Persona 5 Royal are the ones that benefit the most from such a good screen.

Not only is the quality of the screen better, but it’s bigger too. This allows the visuals to stand out so much more when playing handheld. The colors will be vivid, the contrast will be more noticeable, and the overall experience will be much more immersive. Not only that, but the improved speaker and battery life also make the handheld experience better.

If you’re not impressed by this, maybe the Persona games just aren’t your cup of tea to begin with. The game is amazing, the extra content is welcome, and there are many benefits of playing on the Switch. Whether you’re looking into the game for the first time or we’re already a big fan, the Switch version of Persona 5 Royal is the way to go. 


Buy Now: $59.99



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