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[Review] The Legend of Gwen – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Feb24,2023
Developed By: Wiwigames
Published By: Flynn's Arcade
Categories: Adventure
Release Date: 02.16.23

Cute Witches doing cute things? You got my time and interest! It’s even a 3D Platformer that plays with perspective a bit, even better. I think I might like The Legend of Gwen.

My first impression to The Legend of Gwen was how slow it was. Like, movement just feels like you’re in slow-mo at times. It seems the game is deliberately designed around this, but it just really felt cumbersome at times. There’s always a delay to actions. Well, outside of the game’s big gimmick. This is turning the camera 90 degrees. Some stages really don’t benefit from this, but many do. Either it’s to go down paths easier, or to find something in the environment, perhaps obscured by the angle.

This can be very much an issue when trying to aim precisely. Everything is on a grid, but everything moves freely. Aiming at anything can be a bit of a trial, and when an enemy is charging at you, it can be…difficult. Though you could always hop on their head to mixed results.

Levels usually have goals to get more and more stars, something needed to proceed in the game. Defeat every enemy, find a target to shoot, which opens up a treasure chest, finish the stage within par, and yes, find a specific number of stars. There’s even something waiting for you in the garden if you open all the chests or people around to offer you some really nice rewards if you collect those gems in the levels. Luckily, there is variety in levels, it’s not just go to the end and get every goal. One early on has you without offensive magic, but instead lets you dash, leading to air dashes. It’s a fun, speedrun-like level.

Perhaps a level lets you control a “cork”, which looks more like a drum. You’ll control two characters so to say at once. The cork can also shoot at enemies, but it’s a tad confusing where it’ll shoot at first, and you still have the precision issues. I found it frustrating to platform in this level too, again, because of precision issues. And I managed to find out what happens if you don’t do the level in time, you just die. Which is frustrating. If this controlled better, it’d be more manageable.

The Legend of Gwen looks and sounds…really cheap. It’s cute and appealing, but still just seems like an amateur project. Something to build on. Though I think it bothers me *more* because of how slow the game plays and loads. The music does remind me of magical girl anime though, which is nice. Makes me feel kinda old though.

If you get in a groove, this is a fun time. There is something to get out of The Legend of Gwen, I played it and didn’t want to stop. But I just wish that the game was polished. Maybe playing the game elsewhere feels better.


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