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[Review] Hyper Gunsport – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Mar3,2023
Developed By: Necrosoft Games
Categories: Sport
Release Date: 12.22.22

What’s Hyper Gunsport? It’s only the hottest new sport around the world. Imagine vollyball or tennis…but with a gun! Actually, multiple guns!

The first thing that’d come to mind to some is just a tennis game with guns, but I’d sooner compare this to Wind Jammers. In a good way. Infact, putting this upfront, I had a blast with Hyper Gunsport.

Lets pick our team, from the selection of countries you’d expect, each with their own unique designs and guns, all of which look fantastic. Hyper Gunsport is such a stylish game. It looks good, it sounds good. The cutscenes, while art and text all look nice. No complaints here from a presentation standpoint. Adore the pre game banter. And definitely no complains from a representation standpoint. You don’t see Congo or Cambodia represented in games, let alone in positive ways very often.

Next, lets choose if we’re gonna play as a Keeper or a Striker. Keepers are like a goalkeeper, they can shoot more, but don’t jump around. Strikers can move all over the place, but shoot less often, but when they do it’s a shot that counts. If both team members shoot at once, you create a speedy Focus Shot. If a round goes on long enough, you can use your team’s special weapon, which can turn the tides…granted you know how to use it properly.

The idea isn’t just to get goals. Sure, you can do that and it might be a fine strategy, but you’re better off volleying. The more you shoot back and forth, the most shooting into a goal will be worth. Want to ruin the opponents day? Try to hold off making a goal as long as you can until the multiplier is high. It got me so bad one time, I had to just put the game down for a day because I had had enough.

So what good is a sports game without replayability? Well, Hyper Gunsport has a bit of it. Though it’s mostly in it’s multiplayer. There are unlockable teams and some cosmetic stuff, but you’re probably going to be playing mostly with your friends. There’s versus, as to be expected, but my eye was drawn completely to the co-op story mode. Any game that has one is a thumbs up from me. It’s always exclusively how I even play stuff like Mario Kart or Halo or when applicable, Resident Evil. Unfortunately, this is all offline, there’s no online. This isn’t so much a flaw or knock against the game, just something that would have been nice.

I don’t know if it’s exactly new to do futuristic sport being the will of the world kinda plot is, but at least in the premise of a videogame, it’s super novel to do a gun based sports game and I am ALL for it. It helps that it’s fun and stylish as hell. I’m hoping one day an online patch is dropped, but if not, this is a good game to play in a party or with your partner.


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*Game Download Code graciously provided for the purpose of review

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