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[Review] Velocity Noodle – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak May5,2023
Developed By: Shotgun Anaconda
Published By: Top Hat Studios
Categories: Platformer
Release Date: 04.27.23

Velocity Noodle is the next in a large collection of high speed platformers. This one had a really rad style though. And is definitely more than just jumping. So lets get to delivering those noodles!

Run, dash, slide…throw your sword? Yeah, your sword can catch onto certain things and pull you towards them. You can use this just to go faster or in a lot cases go through obstacles. Two hits and you’re done. So try not to get hit too much. The game will slowly ease you into different abilities you’ll use and hazards you’ll avoid, with one even being the police. I’m just trying to deliver some nice, hot food…

You’re going to want to try and get the fastest speed immediately, but some of those gold trophy times are not joke. What I usually try and do is get the hidden chopsticks found in every level and make a good path, then improve on it. Most of the time I get a bronze…or nothing at all. Oh well, levels can always be replayed and if you need to restart the level, just press Y. If there’s something that does make it a bit of an annoyance, the game has a lot of dialog. You can listen to it at the main menu, which I think is cute, but levels also have a lot of it. Thankfully they are only at the beginning of levels and can be skipped, but I’m not too big a fan of only having the option of “hold to skip”. At least the dialog is good.

Levels can be hard, they can probably be a bit frustrating. One thing I noticed is that you probably want to have momentum for everything. Especially your slide. If you’re not moving fast, that slide is either going to be incredibly slow or just peter out and stop. At that point, you might as well just restart a stage. The levels are incredibly short, if not a big wide and open at least.

I love the presentation as a whole. The music kept me hyped and on the move. However, you might get sick of hearing it again and again. Like I said earlier too, the game is a looker. Though I will say if you don’t care about cyberpunk styling…you’re outta luck. The eShop page mentions unlockables for doing good? I’m not the best at the game, so I am very curious about these. Might just have to be the reason for me to keep playing. I really do want to get at least one gold trophy.


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