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[Review] Coffee Talk Episode 2 – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak May9,2023
Developed By: Toge Productions
Published By: Chorus Worldwide
Categories: Adventure
Release Date: 04.20.23

I never played the original Coffee Talk when it came out, but it was always a game that interested me. There was just something that pulled me in, even if I was unfortunately too busy to really take a sip. When I learned a sequel was being released, I knew I had to fix this. And I’m glad I did.

Coffee Talk and it’s sequel Episode 2 are visual novel/adventure games. I’m mixed on the genre as a whole as so many now adays are either weeb-bait, or “subversions” to the genre. Coffee Talk just seems sincere. I got the same feeling playing a previous game by Coffee Talk’s creator, What Comes After. And while the original creator, Fahmi didn’t work on the sequel, it still has that general feel of “serene”.

You are the barista to the Coffee Talk cafe. You’ll meet plenty a costumer, of which are either some normal people, or a fantasy half creature…who also happens to be an influencer. They’ll come in, maybe order a drink and chit chat the day away. You have plenty of ingredients to make your drinks, but the costumers are usually pretty good about what they want, so it shouldn’t be too much an issue. And if they aren’t, then surprise them! Or just make the completely wrong item, maybe it’ll go well for you. If you want or they ask, you can even pretty up the drinks too, especially if it’s a latte.

Between all of this, you can always fiddle on you phone. Check social media, look at your recipes. Consider this like your menu or glossary in other titles. It has all the info you need. Want to read some fiction? We have an app for that. Just listen to the game’s relaxing OST? Got one for that too. I love how things get contextualized.

Coffee Talk Episode 2, like I said earlier has some real chill music. It perfectly fits the mood. I am a fan, through and through. I’m also a huge fan of how the game looks. The hand-drawn sprite look to everything. The anime-styled characters. It all just immediately sets off my hype sensors. The character designs are all unique to keep in with a feel of diversity, everyone stands out.

I think the point to all of this is that sometimes, people just need an ear to listen to them. People can and will just talk about nothing important. Or maybe something that may only be important to them. It doesn’t matter if someone is a satyr, human, black white, celebrity, artist, officer. Trans or Cis. People are people. And people just want to be heard.

Coffee Talk also seems to have something to say about how isolated people seem to be nowadays. Not in a “kids spend too much time on social media” way, but in a way how the world can seem so lonely. When you’re always behind your phone, you almost miss how nice just being there with someone is. How just bouncing off of someone can help with introspect. I should just say the game has heart. And that’s all I can ask for sometimes.


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*Game Download Code graciously provided for the purpose of review

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