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[Review] Boo Party – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Cosmikenkai
Published By: Eastasiasoft
Categories: Adventure, Erotic
Release Date: 06.29.23

Now what do we have here? A new game from the developer of Crawlco Block Knockers? An erotic game I actually liked? Now don’t mind if I do. Boo Party definitely plays different though, going from a puzzle game to a bit of an adventure game.

First things first, everything I loved about Crawlco is also here in Boo Party. Great sprites and AMAZING music. I was surprised by how good the music was in that last game, but I was not surprised to hear good music in this one. It’s got that porno-groove that just is so smooth. Smooth as a whole is a good way to describe how the game puts itself out. And to be honest, it’s the reason I wanted to play Boo Party.

While I’m thrilled with presentation, the gameplay is a bit of a step down. You’ll be doing some walking around. In fact, a LOT of walking. Boo Party is a game whre you control a photographer who finds themselves in a mansion party full of monsters…and monster girls. To do this, you’ll have to do some favors. Find an item, deliver it, get a group of items from one person and give it to another, find all of these cats, take photos of weird flora, etc… It’s a bit exhausting after a while. You’ll be doing this all for nude photos of the monster girls. You turn those in to a lady outside with her van and you can get Spirit Points, of which you’ll need for some other quests or objectives. It’s just fetch quest after fetch quest.

The issue with all of this comes from the fact that while the mansion isn’t *that* big, it’s windy and you can get lost or forget which room leads where. When you’ll need to go to specific person to specific person to then go to another person, then to go back to the van…it gets old remarkably fast. There are a decent handful of minigames that are pretty decent like one Wario Ware influenced minigame in the gym, but you’re still going all over the place. Thank god for the killer soundtrack.

The game is pretty funny at points, with one gag in particular that got a good laugh at me just by how drawn out it gets. There’s a lot of people to talk to, so there will be lots of jokes. Some are really good, including one that pokes fun at the fact Crawlo Block Knockers was surprisingly good. Also watch out for the Scooby Doo inspired puzzle with doors.

I think what I’m getting at is that I like everything about this game outside of the gameplay, which is a shame. There’s plenty to like, but good lord would even just a map make this game feel better.


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