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[Review] Inhabit – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Public Void
Published By: RAWR Lab
Categories: Puzzle
Release Date: 06.08.23

You! Yeah you! How can you even live in this pig sty? Clean your house! Listen, we’ll even give you cute girls to guide you. You like puzzle games, right? Inhabit is a puzzle game just about stuff like this. Puzzles for the most mundane tasks. And I’m really drawn in.

To simplify Inhabit a bit more, you’re doing grid based puzzles. The first of which, where you need to clean will be very familiar to anyone who’s played those ice puzzles. You know, you press a direction and you just slide until something stops you. Or maybe you’ll be opening the curtains to bring light in the house. Gotta move some mirrors to reflect the light everywhere. Crossing the street is a game of timing. Watering your plants becomes Sokoban…which I am awful at. The puzzles all sort of have a thing to link them, but it’s all changed enough or unique enough to not just get old quickly.

Artstyle wise. Sprites are decent enough. Everything stands out and you know what is and is not interactive. This does bring a good time to mention that in the overworld, which is your yard, the game does kind of stutter at times randomly. I’m not sure why though. I do like the art for the girls though. I need to follow the artist for sure.

Inhabit is a short, but sweet kind of game. It’s not long…at all, but I like short games any, at least if it doesn’t feel like there’s unfinished business and Inhabit ends right at the best time. It doesn’t even cost that much, so go and give it a try, I guarantee it’ll be a good afternoon.


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