Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

An Easy Way To Farm Lots of Gold In Palworld

When you first start your Palworld adventure, money won’t be too easy to get. Your only way to acquire gold will be to find small amounts in chests or to sell items and pals to NPC’s. But finding the right balance between keeping what you need and selling excess will be tough during your first few hours. As you progress, your ability to earn more gold will increase quickly as you unlock better items, pals, and other money making methods. 

But today I want to talk about one method to obtain gold that’s very easy to get into because all you need is a Primitive Furnace, a workbench, and a little bit of traveling. The Primitive Furnace will be the hardest step because you need to reach level 10 in order to unlock it. Once you unlock it, you can start making nails, which sell for a very high price.

Getting the resources for nails can be tough because you need ore, which is harder to find than stone. But there’s one spot I recommend setting up camp at that’s incredibly good for farming this resource. You need to fast travel to the Cinnamoth Forest and travel south down the road until you reach a big clearing. At any given moment, this area could have as many as 8-14 ore veins. You might even get lucky and find some coal here too. While it does make sense to set up some workers to mine it all, I suggest mining the ore yourself, especially if you have a metal pickaxe. 

Mining all the ore by hand could manually net you more than 200 ore in under 5 minutes. Then you leave the rest to automation while you do other stuff. Put the ore in the Primitive Furnace and have a fire pal convert them into ingots. One ingot requires two ore. Then craft one ingot into two nails at a workbench. This part takes a long time to do but since it’s automated, you don’t have to worry. When I first started this method, I mined 213 ore in only five minutes and more than half of the ore veins in the area were still untouched.

When you sell the nails to an NPC, they will sell for 160 gold each so I earned 34,000 gold for only five minutes of active mining followed by casual automation. This is also a prime spot to build a base because there’s two dungeons nearby and if you travel across the river to the west you’ll find a Black Marketeer and Syndicate Camp.

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