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[Review] INVECTOR: RHYTHM GALAXY – Nintendo Switch

By Richard Heaton Feb20,2024
Developed: Hello There Games
Published By: Warner Music Group
Categories: Music, Arcade
Release Date: 02.08.24
Price: $24.99

The Nintendo Switch got yet another rhythm game earlier this month in the form of Invector Rhythm Galaxy. It’s the successor to Avicii Invector from a few years ago and features a ton of listened music tracks from I Need A Hero to Space Man. It’s definitely a fun game for those who love music and rhythm games, but should you play the Switch version?

The first thing that you should know about the game is that the gameplay is fun and can be really simple and easy to learn if you’re playing on the easier modes. Play on casual mode and there will only be two buttons you need to worry about while also moving your ship left and right. But if you play on any of the three tougher difficulties, then completing each track will become more difficult. I would not recommend playing on the toughest difficulties until after you’ve completed a few runs.

While your ship does spend most of it’s run on a track, there will be moments where you get to guide your ship across a semi open area but I wasn’t a big fan of these moments because they were pretty slow. To combat the occasional slowness, the game also has a boost mechanism but I rarely used this because it made it far too easy to miss some button prompts.

The gameplay is fun and engaging, there’s lots of solid music courtesy of Warner Music Group, and the visuals are pretty great if you ask me. You also get to choose between singleplayer or multiplayer and a campaign that allows you to play through each track while a somewhat interest story unfolds around you. There’s a lot to like about the game if you love rhythm games but there’s also a few things that I didn’t like.

The first is simply that I didn’t care for all the songs. You’re not going to feel the same thrill with each songs, especially if they’re songs you don’t really know all that well. This might make playing through some levels feel like a chore. This is why I personally play music games like Hatsune Miku or the Final Fantasy ones since they’re focused on game music that I really like. With this one, there ended up being just a handful of songs that I would play over and over because there weren’t that many that I could really get into.

There was also a big glitch that I would occasionally encounter that was somewhat gamebreaking. Halfway through my first run of Space Man in Single Player mode, the screen started freaking out on me. At first it looked like an ad popup on a website that took up half of the screen and made everything inside it white. After a few seconds, the entire screen turned white instead of the L triggers and UI. The game itself and music was still playing but I was unable to see any of the other button prompts or where my ship was. This lasted for around 20 seconds before returning to normal and ruined that playthrough. 

If you’re a fan of these songs or just like rhythm games in general, you will get some enjoyment out of Invector. The bugs and glitches will ruin a round or two here and there and you might not like all the songs but for $25 there’s a decent amount of content for a game that’s pretty engaging.


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