Wed. May 29th, 2024

[Review] Piczle Cross: Story of Seasons – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Mar18,2024
Developed By: Score Studios
Published By: Rainyfrog
Categories: Puzzle
Release Date: 02.27.24
Price: $9.99

Nonograms! Whether it’s Picross or any other name you use, it’s one of my favorite puzzles. I especially love the themed releases that occasionally come out. And what do you know, we have a Story of Seasons release! This was kind of an easy decision.

To the uninformed, Nonograms are a puzzle in which you need to follow numbers to make an image. Fill in the boxes in this row, in this column, but only how much the number says to. The tricky part is where exactly you need to do it. Especially when puzzles start with 5×5, then 10×10, then 15×10, then 15×15, and then 20×20, etc… It goes from incredibly simple to “oh god this is overwhelming” rather fast. No worries however! Simply use hints. Let the game tell you what mistakes you made. Or spin the hint roulette to fill in some random squares before you begin. That could be the perfect jump start. Or just do that, screenshot, and cheat. Actually don’t do that. At that point, it becomes a memory game, and not something to just test your brain.

On top of just the standard puzzles, you also get collage puzzles, which are you solving just one small part of a bigger picture. There is an absurd amount of puzzles to keep you busy. There’s puzzles in puzzles! And that’s not all! The Almanac hosts a a trove of info on characters in both the Story of Seasons and Piczle series. You’ll unlock more by doing more puzzles, which I think is a good incentive. You can even just mess with the music player if you want.

Final Thoughts

With puzzle games like this, it’s a very much “you get what you see” situation. Which isn’t a mad thing. At all. But it does make for a bit of a struggle to say why one should play this if they aren’t a fan of either Story of Seasons or Nonograms. Because this is for either of those. Or someone like me, who’s both.

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