Tue. May 28th, 2024

[Review] Dungeonoid 2 Awakening – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Apr12,2024
Developed By: Pixel Bones Studio
Published By: eastasiasoft
Categories: RPG, Puzzle
Release Date: 02.07.24
Price: $8.99

I tell you what, arkanoid mixed with an RPG is honestly pretty creative, so Dungeonoid had me pulled in immediately. This isn’t the first of it’s kind, far far far from it, but considering how uncommon this matchup unfortunately is, this is a treat.

Do you suck at these kinds of games? Well. Good luck! All kidding aside, this is a rather forgiving game. You have hearts that can be refilled to buffer for when you miss your ball, and there are powerups (and downs) everywhere. You can even continue, as long as you’re ok with using your acquired gold. You can slash with your ball to break a group of blocks as well as use a special attack that can either break more blocks or get rid of the enemies that just act as more obstacles, depending on which class you chose.

The blocks aren’t the goal, as much as you’d think they were like much of the other block breaking games. Instead, they’re just a wall for you to break down just somewhat to get to where you need to go, or grab what you need to grab. It’s always worth it clearing the screen though for the powerups. My favorite of which being the longer paddle. Each of the game’s levels will end with a boss though. Can we do this more often with puzzle-like games?

The game sits at 6 levels, but it doesn’t feel short, and considering you do get graded each level, there’s much to be replayed. Just don’t pay attention to my D Rank for Level 2…please.

Final Thoughts

Block Breaking games are one of those tried true genres that just immediately make my neurons activate. I’m always down to play them. I’m inclined to try the original Dungeonoid out now too. Which despite this being a sequel to, is a bit of a different style, which I dig.

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