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[Gabbin’ with Gamers] ImAGamerGeek

By Brett Hrin Nov4,2017


Welcome to the newest installment of Gabbin’ with Gamers. Miley
Thomson, a.k.a. ImaGamerGeek, joins The Switch Effect to answer some questions
about her gaming passion. With over 3,000 Instagram followers and counting,
this is one channel you do not want to miss! So let’s begin!
Thank you Miley for giving
us this interview. I came upon your Instagram page and I see
that you’re a big collector. Can you tell us a little bit about
Yes, I am definitely a big fan of collecting
gaming related stuff, especially when it comes to Nintendo. There’s not much to
tell. My names Miley Thomson & my big passion is sharing my geeky gaming
interests on Instagram and have recently started a YouTube channel to expand
sharing my gaming life. I’m 25, live in Scotland in the U.K. where my life
literally revolves around my gaming addiction. Yes, it’s an addiction. I
literally never stop thinking and playing video game & I love it.
Can you tell us about how you got into gaming and


I started playing video games very
young and I’ve always loved them. I guess I only got properly into gaming in my
late teens. As soon as I had my own income, my money was always spent on gaming
consoles, games, Amiibos and so on and so forth.

What was the first console and game that you owned?


I actually can’t remember what my
first console was, but I do remember it was Nintendo. The first game I owned
The Legend Of Zelda, but couldn’t tell you which game it was. What I can tell
you is I’m 100% a huge Zelda fan. The excitement I had when I heard about
was off the scale.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Do you have any fond childhood memories based around gaming?


I do and lots of them. My strongest
memory is being at my Dads with my little sister Lisa. My Dad had just bought
us a Dreamcast and we sat for hours on end playing 
Sonic. Laughing,
arguing whose shot it was and all that fun stuff. I also remember my Dad having
to bring our dinner into our room because we wouldn’t go to the table to eat. So
we sat, ate, and gamed at the same time.

Were any of your family members enthusiastic about gaming?
I’d say my older brother Jamie was the one
that got me into gaming. I remember him playing on his Game Boy when we were
really young and never giving me a shot, but I’d sit quite contently watching
him play whatever it was he was playing.
Let’s jump forward a bit. Here’s one to get you
thinking. If you weren’t collecting games, what would be your hobby?
Oh, that’s a tough one, but I’d have
to say playing guitar. I’ve played guitar for about 10 years now, but I
definitely spend a lot more time gaming than playing. If I wasn’t into gaming
I’d definitely say my guitar would get a lot more attention.
As you’re aware, technology continues to advance the
gaming industry. Have you been a fan of these changes? 
I absolutely love how technology is
advancing. It’s so exciting and so far, I’m loving the direction it’s going
Where do you think technology will bring us in the future?
I honestly don’t have a clue but I’m
super excited to find out.
We at The Switch Effect are obviously big fans of Nintendo’s new
console. What are your impressions of the Switch?
I LOVE it! The Switch for me is
something the gaming industry has been needing for a long time. It has brought
a new chapter to the gaming world for me. I can honestly say I bring my Switch
with me everywhere I go and is hands down my favorite gaming console to ever exist.
I’m a huge fan and I can’t imagine how Nintendo is going to up their game in
years to come as the Switch is just perfection.
Which new games are you looking forward to the most?
After BOTW, the main game I was
looking forward to was Super Mario Odyssey. Now, it has been released and it
did not disappoint. For me, it’s been the best game released since BOTW. The
game I’m looking forward to most, although it’s not a “new” game, is Skyrim. I
played Skyrim for hours on end on my PS3 and to have in handheld is a dream
come true.
Skyrim? Count us in!
We came across your Instagram account and loved seeing your
collections. What interested you in starting a social
media account?


I honestly just wanted to share my
passion with the world. I love taking photos and I love gaming so Instagram for
me was the perfect platform. I did not expect it to take off like it did though,
but I’m loving meeting new friends with the same passion as me and I look
forward to seeing all their comments and reading their opinions on stuff. There’s
no words. I’m so grateful for all the followers I have gained. There’s just no
words for how happy I am that other people enjoy my posts.

What is the best way for our readers/followers to keep up
with you?


 My main posts are on my gaming Instagram (@ImAGamerGeek),
but I do have a personal account too. I also use twitter a lot and am trying to
kick start my YouTube channel and get a decent number of videos up. I’m pretty
much everywhere.  Other than my gaming
account, everything else is ImMileyThomson. Good luck keeping up. Haha.

Last question now that I’ve run you through the
gauntlet. Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I think we’ve pretty much covered
everything. Thank you for asking me to do this interview it’s been fun
answering all your questions and made me put my thinking cap on. I’ve really
enjoyed it
Thank you again for
taking the time to speak with The Switch Effect and for our readers to learn
more about your gaming passion and see your future posts and videos. 
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