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[News] Doom Eternal Slaying it’s way to the Switch

Doom Eternal Slaying it’s way
to the Nintendo Switch

Last night, Bethesda threw a lot of awesome stuff in everybody’s faces. Switch players got a few juicy tid-bits including the above trailer. A couple years ago, Doom got rebooted to massive critical and commercial success. So much so, that the team has since decided to push the franchise even further with the follow up, Doom Eternal. Unfortunately, the trailer was really all we got to see on this game, along with a few bits of info from the dev team.

About the Game

We don’t know much, but here’s the little bit they did get us. Doom Slayer is going to be back, and stronger than he was last time. On top of that new found strength, you’ll be facing off against even more demons (twice as many to be exact). And…again sadly that’s it. We’ll need to wait until QuakeCon in August to get more on this bloody, fast-paced shooter. So as we sit and watch the time crawl by slowly until August gets here, we’ll just have to watch the trailer over and over and stare at the screen shots for our enjoyment. It’s still being worked on, and we can probably expect an official release date, or at least a timeframe, at QuakeCon

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