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[Review] Heroes of Loot – Nintendo Switch

Developed and Published By: Orange Pixel
Categories: Retro, Adventure
Release Date: 12.08.20

Loot, loot, loot, loot, loot. Collect that loot. Go deeper into the dungeons. Make sure you don’t die. Call Heroes of Loot something to the likeness of Gauntlet Lite.

Elf, Wizard, Valkyrie, Warrior, choose your class, all with their own stat differences, and get going into the dungeon. It’s a bit of a roguelike, a bit of a twin stick shooter, and the large swarms of enemies make it like Gauntlet. Lots of enemies to kill means lots of money and loot to get. They won’t just drop valuables though, occasionally you’ll get spells that can really turn the tides when overwhelmed. Flame spells to make a flamethrower, Lightning Spells to just strike down lightning on everything. Some enemies can take a beating, so every little bit helps, not to mention it just feels so good to use the spell shots.

The more you kill, the stronger you get as you level up. Starting from a little pea shooter like shot to some really big ones. This doesn’t just mean you’ll just plow through the game. Much like how even with all of those crazy powerups in shmups make it easier, but it’s still a hard game, it’s more on the level of evening the play field. With the money you get, you can even go into shops. To heal, to get shields that act as a buffer for damage, an invisibility cloak, or just more loot. If you’re a bit adventurous, you’ll even find hidden rooms, with plenty of loot and helper items. This is always worth the effort and time. Another way to get decent loot or rewards is being doing side quests. Kill so many of a specific enemy, rescue so many people, get these specific gems. It’s usually not as easy as it sounds, requiring more than one floor worth of working to complete.

The better you get, the harder the game becomes. A double edged sword really. Despite this, I found myself getting deeper and deeper into each dungeon. It didn’t help that Heroes of Loot is incredibly easy to get into, a real pick up and play experience. If the different classes weren’t enough to replay the games, you can even unlock a fifth if you do well enough in the game.

So I like the gameplay, but the art style and music leave much to be desired. While I do think the art style is kinda cute and fits in well with the humorous little cutscenes you’ll see occasionally, I’ve never been a fan of the boxy looking characters. With music, I barely even noticed it majority of the time.

At the end of the day though, gameplay is most important, and Heroes of Loot is fun. It’s replayable on top of that. I wasn’t bored playing it whenever I decided to keep on playing or pick it up again. Solid gameplay can always save a game with “Just good enough” of everything else.


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