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[Review] Land of Screens – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Mar31,2022
Developed By:  Serenity Forge
Published By: Way Down Deep
Categories: Narrative
Release Date: 02.04.22

People really spend a lot of time infront of a screen, don’t they? A phone, a handheld, a TV, a computer. I’m not really saying this as a old boomer kind of BACK IN MY DAY way, but then again, neither is Land of Screens. For something that probably should be used as a distraction, it really ends up being something to be distracted from.

Holland just broke up with her long time boyfriend. Debating as to post about the breakup on social media, she’s beat to it by her ex. She then dreads and worries about that. But she gets in contact with a distant friend. Thus begins a very busy week. Holland is constantly worried about the fact her ex’s post is getting lots of traction, but her phone is constantly near dying. It all starts at a nice party between friends.

In Land of Screens, your goal is to get all of the people away from their screens and enjoy something. Starting with getting a nice volleyball game going, to networking, to getting everyone nice and attentive for a concert, a family reunion, and so on ending in a nice hike.. It isn’t just a “PHONES BAD” thing either. It’s just a “don’t let social media and all of this other crap overtake your mind”. Sometimes it’s just nice to get away. And in Holland’s case, don’t let what other people think about your break up live rent free in your head.

Talk to everyone. Get to know them, relate to them. Early on, Holland even makes a great friend with her own friend’s roommate, Nora. Just talking to people lets you get to know them much more. Nora and Holland like the same dorky TV shows! Holland even discovers this band a new friend she met likes…is actually two girls she was friends with in highschool.

There isn’t much to Land of Screens other than walking around and talking. It’s a short game too. However, I found myself engaged the entire time. I wanted to really get these people off their damn phones. I feel like this is quite relatable to most people. If you’ve got a good hour or so to spare and the spare change to play, give this one a try.


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*Game Download Code graciously provided for the purpose of review

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