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[Review] Royal Frontier – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Mar29,2022
Developed By: Woblyware
Published By: Ratalaika Games
Categories: RPG, Roguelite
Release Date: 03.18.22

A turn based RPG mixed with a roguelite, put together with great, colorful sprites? Royal Frontier sounds like it’s my kind of game. That’s probably the most compact way to describe Royal Frontier, but it is accurate. However, there’s quite a bit more to get into with this game, so lets get into all of that, will we?

What is this, Oregon Trail?

We’re in for a long journey, 48 days to be precise. We’ll need to grab our party of three (with three to be unlocked), get some blessings, and then go on our way. You’re greeted with paths to go on, choosing how each day will go. Most will be combat, but you’ll occasionally run into a shop, treasure, or my favorite a mystery. Well, it’s more like a special event or a chance spot in Mario Party. You might run into a stray caravan and get some loot…but it’s a trap! You might get stopped and have to pay a toll. Maybe you’ll even run into a holy statue or well and heal up.

Royal Frontier can be real brutal at times. Sometimes it’s like the game is just out to get you and hates everything you stand for. You are given help, with armor, weapons, and other equipment to raise your stats. Money you can use to buy things that aren’t dropped. On top of all of this, you can level up, which lets you raise your stats as well as give some devastating special abilities. The kinds of abilities that can definitely turn the tides of battle. The game can still be challenging though, and you will still fall in battle, which is perfectly ok, because the game expects it.


Dying is something that will happen. After death you’ll get a score of sorts, but don’t consider this a grade, the game isn’t out here to mock you. This will be some sort of game wide experience. The more you get, the more blessings you get. Blessings are pre-run perks and they are definitely helpful. Want to start with more health, power, defense, or action points (like mana)? Or maybe earn more experience. Want bombs to work better? These blessings get better and better the more you play, making you stronger, and stronger. Eventually, you’ll just be plowing though.

If you’re loving the game, great, no issue. I can imagine if someone is just getting frustrated, that the bit of grind needed to truly succeed is not going to help them enjoy. I can agree to an extent, as this being turn based, there is a lot of praying to the RNG for it to be on your side. There are times I felt stronger, but never did I feel indestructible, which in games like this is always the best part…until you die and have to restart. That all said, I did enjoy my time, quite a bit.


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