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[Review] Regular Factory Escape Room – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Jul6,2022
Developed and Published by: Mc2games
Categories: Adventure, Escape Room, Puzzle
Release Date: 05.18.22

Another year, another Escape Room game, this time Regular Factory. In a…not so regular factory.

This is the one game in the series that probably hits closest to home. You’re trying to escape from the place you work at, after a long day. Ok, it’s not that simple. There’s something a bit off about the place you work. Everyone’s job probably has some mysteries, but these go a little deeper. Your curiousness leads you deeper and deeper into this factory, yearning to learn.

Like the previous games in the series, this is a puzzle game. You’ll be in one area with lots of puzzles to solve, some even requiring other puzzles to solve before you can solve them. The power of spacial awareness is something that is incredibly valuable for this title. Plenty of puzzles require looking outside the puzzle to solve. Otherwise, they just won’t make sense. Even if you still can’t quite get the puzzle, but don’t want to resort to using an online guide, every puzzle allows for one hint. That one should probably spell it out for you, but sometimes it still can be a tad vague.

In terms of presentation, much like the other games, Regular Factory is a good looking title. In terms of art direction, it does leave a bit to be desired, probably the point, but it is a good looking game. Audio wise, it just gets the job done. Nothing noteworthy.

I still wish that this game had touch screen controls, especially in the puzzles. A game like this really would benefit from it.

If you’ve played earlier games in the Escape Room series, you’ve played this. If you loved the other games, this is great too. It’s more of the same, but that’s not a bad thing. I like puzzle games a whole lot, even if some make me feel dumb.


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