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[Review] A Winding Path – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Oct31,2022
Developed By: Three Eyed Games
Published By: Flynn's Arcade
Categories: Adventure, Puzzle
Release Date: 10.27.22

The rain has ceased, crops are dying. People, scarecrows, trolls, are all sad. However, an old woman tells you of a way to return the rain, through the Rainmaker. You find this fabled rainmaker, and a his lyre. A lyre that has the power to make rain. Our journey to restore the lost rain and balance in A Winding Path begins.

A Winding Path narrative based puzzle platformer, adventure game. That sounds like a mouthful, but the game itself is really simple. A climbing puzzle here, a “press in this order” puzzle, and using your lyre in specific areas. You’ll speak to people around to get context for the current happens or puzzles, so if you ever get stuck, rethink your conversations (or just read them in the pause menu) and perhaps it’ll come to you. Simple does not mean bad, to me, especially with this game, it means that a game is more relaxing to play. You’ll even come across dew drops for doing specific puzzles, which’s meaning is shown later.

Relaxing also transfers to the presentation. The only music comes from the lyre. Most if it is just the calm, serene sounds of the outdoors. White noise if you will. The art design takes from the sketch like, black and white look. As if this was drawn in a journal. Our lead is even a stick figure.

I don’t want to use the term visual novel, as that isn’t remotely what this game is. But this does feel like an interactive book. The story, dialog all present themselves as if you were reading a novel. In a way, this feels like a novel full of sketches. I find it charming.

If I had to grab one big flaw, it’s probably how slow you walk. If only because there are times where you’ll be going back and forth, especially if you’re lost. Otherwise, this is a relaxing time that really fits an autumn vibe, perfect for it’s release. Go and grab it.


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