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[Review] Save Room – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Nov20,2022
Developed By: Fractal Projects
Published By: Ratalaika Games
Categories: Puzzle
Release Date: 11.11.22

Are you a fan of Resident Evil 4? Are you hyped for the remake? Of course you are, but this isn’t it. But none the less, it makes me want to play RE4 more and more. What is Save Room? It’s a game that is just you rearranging the attache case from RE4. Suitcase Tetris if you will.

In Resident Evil 4, you were given a new style of inventory, the attache case. You could, if you were thoughtful of the space you had, could rearrange how items or weapons were placed. Gone were the static numbers or placements. If you could fit a suitcase full of dozens of eggs, you totally can if that’s how you feel. And yes, this is what Save Room is all about. So take what you know from RE4 and use it.

See an empty weapon or some ammo that doesn’t quite fill a box? Combine them! Your HP low, then eat some eggs, fish, or use a first aid spray or herbs. You can combine all of your herbs too. You’ll often be given a level that lets you try this out, as a trial before having one that demands you do it. I like the way it eases you into new mechanics.

The music that you’ll hear as you’re rearranging your goods is quite reminiscent of a safe room theme in a Resident Evil. If you want, you can view spinning models for every object. Herbs, grenades, guns, ammo, food, etc… This really is a Resident Evil game…just only focusing on your attache case. Hell, you even get the scary voice to say the title…just like Resident Evil.

At 40 levels, you’re getting a decent number of puzzles for the price, while also not overstaying the game’s welcome. You can most likely beat this over the course of an afternoon. For what it is, I think if you’re a fan of RE4 or even recently RE Village, you should toss a fiver and play Save Room. Also the title is a play on words.


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