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[Review] McPixel 3 – Nintendo Switch

Developed By: Sos Sosowski
Published By: Devolver Digital
Categories: Point and Click
Release Date: 11.14.22

I’m not exactly sure how to describe McPixel 3. It’s the sequel to MxPixel. What happened to McPixel 2? Lets not talk about that.

McPixel 3 is somewhat of a point and click. Mix a point and click with Wario Ware or Work Time Fun. You start a level, and then you’re given the goal. SAVE THE DAY. Each level has a handful of sections. The goal is like I said, saving the day. But that’s boring isn’t it? Try and get a few gags to activate, or just kick people. The more of these you find, the better score and completion you’ll get. One of the first of these has you needing to stop a train from crashing. Of course, you can do that immediately by pulling the stop lever. Or you could grab someone’s fish and toss it down the toilet. And then take that fishbowl and just put it on your head! Regardless of the severity or even in other levels that have new goals, this is what you can do. And I love it.

Despite how you play each level or each section being relatively the same, click here, wait for event to happen, the game didn’t really seem like it was just doing a copy and paste. There was plenty of variety. My favorite level absolutely had to be the one you find in an arcade. Each section of the level is based on a different videogame console and game. Giving me good ol’ flashbacks to the 9-Volt levels in Wario Ware. Good stuff.

It’s not often I find many games funny, but I found myself chuckling or outright laughing a few times with McPixel 3. There is just a certain absurdity I was in love with. At one point you take out a house fire by drinking a metric truckload of water and just peeing out an obscene pee stream to set it out…imagine the smell. Also, watch out for Steve.

Considering the amount of variety, visually, I really dug the presentation of this game. I can’t say I remember any of the music, but from how it all looked and gave itself to you, I was a fan. Perhaps it’s the Tim and Eric fan in me.

Gotta get those Gold scores for each section, gotta get as much money as I can. I’m hooked. I am honestly surprised how much I’m enthralled by this game. I really gotta get to playing the first game now.


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