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[Review] Trifox – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak Dec 7, 2022
Developed By: Glowfish Interactive
Published By: Big Sugar
Categories: Adventure, Action
Release Date: 10.13.22

You’ve all seen Beavis and Butthead Do America, right? The boys set out on a cross country trip after losing their TV on a quest to get it back. Well Trifox is kinda like that. Our lump of a protagonist is slacking…well until his remote is stolen! Lets get it back!

TriFox is a 3D platformer with a little bit of action going on. All with that Twin Stick style. As we begin our journey into the screens, we’re in a lab and given the choice of three classes, much like an RPG., even with their own outfits. A Warrior with a mighty hammer? Preferring some up close combat? As a Mage or Engineer you can go a little more ranged, with one having magic abilities and the other focusing on machinery and guns. You can get mix up abilities and attacks from each class as you collect more money throughout the game. I’d very much recommend this. While I did start as a Warrior, I found myself overwhelmed in certain situations, calling for moves that would give me space. Get some good AoE attacks with your hammer and then good longrange shots to get those trickier enemies.

There’s a bit of a weight to everything. Our lead is a bit clumbsy, his jumps feel goofy and he has momentum when running. You get used to it quickly, but it can be frustrating to do some platforming when the risk is falling into a pit and taking quite a bit of damage.

I adore the artstyle and graphics in TriFox. It has those low-poly, bright flat colors that you might see in a lot of indie games. But the game isn’t soft and round, it’s a bit jagged. It’s very pleasant to the eyes. However, this means that the framerate can have hitches once in a while. Which added with the weightiness can cause trouble on the occasion.

There’s a bit of a grind if you want to get specific abilities, let alone mix up classes, but I found playing the first few stages only a few times was helping. I never really minded, it felt good to get into combat as long as I wasn’t getting destroyed. And luckily, the game knew when it end, so it wouldn’t get boring or repetitive before it ended.


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