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[Review] Dogfight – Nintendo Switch

By Elly Oak May15,2023
Developed By: Katsu Games
Published By: Houndpicked Games
Categories: Shootemup
Release Date: 04.13.23

I don’t know about you, but all of the food jokes and names in Dogfight make me hungry. Not to mention, there’s just so many hotdog and sausage nods. Join the Sausage Bomber Corps and defend Relishtonia from the Vega Squad!

Dogfight is a horizontal shootemup. It’s more of a classic one where the game isn’t just finding that pixel of room to avoid a hailstorm of purple. This is no bullet hell. This is very much not in the arcade game feel either. You go level by level, but they are all replayable and you can also return with newer weapons. Each level has five stars you can get. The more stars you get, the more guns to can use and more kinds of sausage you can bomb down. Spreadshots, two ways, a close range shotgun that does massive damage, a four way shot, and much much more. The game isn’t terribly long, but there is just so much to replay. Even better, if you’re that kind of player, there’s even a speedrun mode.

The more points you get the more stars you get. You’ll do this by just shooting at enemies, but also by grabbing these medals that drop from shot down pilots or other targets. You can also find power up drops. These more often than not will multiply just how many bullets you’ll be shooting out or how strong they are. Be sure not to get shot down or you’ll go down a level. But if you’re shot down and have room to fall, you can save yourself by mashing the A button.

What’s that? You have three friends? Then have them join and have a four player shooter. Considering most games in the genre are solo, this is something that was absolutely more than welcome. Each of the four pilots have their own stats and differences, but you’re probably going to be fine regardless of who you play as if you are particular about the way the plane looks. And while this is a game that could be played co-op, you can also be jerks when it comes to the medals.

Dogfight is pretty goofy when it comes to the story and dialog, so it having a cartoony art style is fitting. It’s bright, everything stands out, and would look right at home on TV in the morning. Loading screens have little propaganda posters too, which are just great and add in to the game’s humor. I always get a kick out of games making these.

Dogfight does have a bit of an issue with that “western shmup” feel. That’s to say I found the hitboxes to be a funky. Just got hit by a few things I could have sworn I avoided. It’s nothing as bad a some Euro-shumps, but it did bother me a bit when it happened. Otherwise, everything seemed fine. As a fan of shmups, I enjoyed how Dogfight had more of a casual or relaxed take on the genre. And better yet, you can always have someone pop in whenever. It’s definitely a good time.


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